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British girl starts by doing a long piss in the toilet, then does a huge shit on to a tray. She plays with her dirty asshole with a small dildo.Talking throughout the video.

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The girls gathered in the shower room after an exhausting session at the gym. They have no qualms showing off their bodies and engaging in some friendly lesbian sex. So they wash each others bodies in the shower and they gave it a go, sucking each others tits and eating each others cunts. They had a ball fingering each others soaking wet cunt.

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Today you will lick clean the sweat of my feet and the dirt from my finger and after you finish to lick clean and worship my perfect feet you will pass to my Goddess ass to worship and smell my ass gives you so today you will get the 2 things you love most my slave – foot licking and eating shit!

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I bet you scat lovers are jealous of me because I have a woman who produces tasty shit! After she whips me senseless, she humiliates me further by making her lick her foot and getting smothered by her ass. But I love it! Then she unloads her delectable shit right on my face!

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Sam and Sandie are fully naked and play with each other. They each take it in turn licking out each others pussies while taking a pee.

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I weary a sexy purple leo thong and gonna piss through it! That’s view you don’t want to miss!

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Sugar Hill is back once again!! My mercurial MILF is back with more naughty Public action!! I always love when she takes her talents to the the streets – literally!! Enjoy as she “fertilizes” the concrete jungle with her mudbutt!! Then enjoy as she takes a quick piss at her office. In the third scene, enjoy a twerk and dump in her hotel room. She saved the best for last in this one – as she she unfurls a Muddy dump that gets all over her ass as she stands and spreads over the bowl!!

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Shit in front of you, and pee, then I make nice closeup to my skid mark inside toilet bowl.

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Pissing on her tits (JJ000670)

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She makes me lick off the shit smears on her ass. She rubs her bare feet on my face to smear the rest of the feces all over me, and I fucking love it!

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Lady Lisa, Mistress Michelle and Rubberdoll educate the toilet slave today. The slave waits for the Mistresses and is chained to a bed. He has nothing to say. The ladies are slapping his face and pinching his nipples until he moans in pain. The slave gets also the spit from the ladies and may serve as a toilet slave, because Mistress Michelle has to pee. Swallow all slave for your mistress.

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Althea is fast becoming a new favorite of mine. She’s enthusiastic and really knows how to put on a show on that bowl!! Enjoy as she drops some heavy sounding Logs right in your face. Then Enjoy as she Struggles to get the rest out. Boy the facial expressions she makes are so damn sexy!! Later on she really gets loose and decides to start playing with those nice 38 D’s of hers and those nipples!! This is a new queen to worship on her throne!!

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The time has come. We are looking for a suitable toilet for our camping trip! The toilet must have a big opening. It has to be able to chop the shit fine and fast. Of course, the part needs a large volume. We are a total of 4 girls! Exactly, we are looking for a toilet slave !!! Someone who has a big mouth. Exercise has in chewing and swallowing shit. You will carry the shit in you during the entire journey. You will be detained for 4 days in the caravan bravely perform your work described above as a camping toilet. After the 4 days you will be disposed of and you can have your stomach pumped out in a disposal pit. Buy this video and watch the first attendant how he is trained as a camping toilet by us. Only the winner of the competition, the one who could swallow the most shit gets the job as a camping toilet! What are you waiting for?

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Two servants are mercilessly exploited to Jane and Cherie. One is brutally tortured, the other is used as a toilet for two mistresses.Miss Cherie pees a big load into his mouth, then she opens up her ass and a big pile of shit follows, what the slave is allowed to swallow and eat. Soon afterwards Miss Jane uses the toilet slave for a good portion of her caviar. With gloves, she helps the now overworked slaves to eat it. Both girls beat the other slave in between for their amusement and leave distinct traces of the whips and their sharp nails on him.

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Are you ready for a hot meal today? Mistress Melissa prepare a tasty meal for you, worms disgusting!

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…… for a shy girl! Jenny has to pee very urgently! She runs to the toilet and starts to undress immediately. Then she sits down at the toilet bowl. A little bit of pee is leaving her pussy – but then it’s hard to continue. She decides to stand up and tries it again… that’s much better now! There is so much pee firing out of her pussy now! She messes up the whole ground. She decides to clean it again – but doing so makes her so horny that she has to play with her pussy. To finger her wet hole she sits down at the toilet bowl – and starts to pee again! Now she cannot stop – and fingers her pussy until she has an awesome orgasm…!

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She Looked Into My Eyes When I..

She looked into my eyes when I.. Christine ordered me – LOOK INTO MY EYES. She wanted to see my gaze while I eat her shit! I don `t know why she said this, apparently she noticed that I shyly take my eyes to the side when I eat her shit and she didn’t like it! Her angelic voice ordered – faster, faster, and I enjoyed the sensations, I knew that now the holidays and her diet is very diverse. I was so excited that I forgot that I was eating shit, I completely plunged into her tastes! At the beginning of this video, Christina stands close in front of the camera and shows her body, I was at the back and looked at her back! Her young and elastic body and her hot pink nipples will impress your imagination! In the end, Christine once again used my mouth as a urinal, spat in my mouth and left, leaving me with the warmest feelings and a part of myself!

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Mistress Gaia is training a new toilet slave and the good is that he really hate shit. So for him the ordeal is almost unbearable. Merciless and cruel Gaia orders him to lick her dirty shoe soles clean and when the slave thoughts he has finished, she empties her bowel and her bladder in two dog bowls, and steps on the piss and then on the shit, ordering the scared slave to clean her shoe from the stinking brownie. The slave does his best but it is never enough for the Mistress that want him to drink all the piss in the bowl. Mistress Gaia is confident that this slave will soon become her new toilet slave, but the training will be hard and long.

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It’s one thing to watch a pretty girl shitting; it’s another thing to see it in a way that looks like she’s shitting right on your face! She pulls down her shorts and panties and sits on the bowl. After a minute of grunting, her pretty asshole ejects a long piece of turd which plunks down noisily on the water. She wipes her ass clean using tissue paper, stands up, and puts on her panties and shorts before walking out of the comfort room.

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Such an opulent time is rare and is only for experienced gourmets. This slave is one of those gourmets. Immediately 4 ladies serve him directly from the source their fresh caviar.One after another, the mistresses shit in his mouth wide open. The first is the Contessa, followed by Hot Svenja and Rosella. So that he can not say that he remained hungry, he finally shits Kinky Tina in his mouth and serves him an extra large load of piss.What a feast!

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Alina did not shit for 4 days, and on the fifth day she pushed a giant piece of hard shit into my mouth! Before that, she danced and beautifully moved her ass in front of my face. At that moment I could smell her pussy and a faint smell of fart.

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I am tied up and locked up in a chastity belt and urgently need to piss. My mistress does not like that. So she pee at me to punish me.

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121.1 Hallo dear slaves, you know, i like 24/7 by me in Sardinia… in the morning i need a uman wc for my pee and turds. This is a beautifull real clip of the last summer! My toilet slave after the shit must eat it too! MP4

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Today I was shitting on the floor. You will see from different angles and close as shit will come from my ass hole. It’s so big sticky turd from my ass. That’s your dinner, my dear slave. Enjoy with my shit.

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Mistress Skatya Kommand, italian Domina, plays with her personal plastic doll slave Undor.

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Showing off my body, especially my chocolate ass before squatting on the side of the tub. Each push is accompanied with a (a little piss at first) nice moan. Can see me load on the floor at the end.

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Here Girls are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know, he is up for Toilet duty and to get in the Position needed. With english Subtitles

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AMAZING new clip, wanna taste? My sweet booty covered in tasty fresh shit, and all this stuff in ultra close up angle, with fisheye lens!)Thats really amazing, this giant turd destroy my ass, in this moment I imagined that you were eating my shit, and it was really fun, I think you would have liked it) If you still want me to fill your mouth with shit, and flogged you like a bitch, then you definitely like this video!) love you stay tuned, and wait new updates)

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The man continues getting anally penetrated! As a matter of fact, he is even bent over, making the activity much easier for the ladies! When they get satisfied, they lay him back on the floor. Without warning, one of them suddenly defecates on his mouth! Before they leave him alone, they perform one last routine which is taking turns giving him a handjob, only stopping when they manage to make him reach orgasm and cum!

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