Pissing In Mouth While Getting Blowjob

3 Big Sausages From 4 Days

I can four Days not shitting,then he comes a crass big portion of shit!! Three soft big sausages comes out of my rosette…..ah is a very special feeling!! Then i am so horny,i wixx with my dildo in my hot pussy!! Come wixx with me your hard cock and give your sperm out of my shitting sausages!! My Fantasie is so dirty…..

037.2.2 Peeing Mistress Isabella

037.2.2 clip from 037 with pee in the mouth of one of my slaves. First time for him! Also very elegant fetish in this clip and torture. MP4


Hot and naughty spandex pants shitting!

Scat Homemade Videos

Young Asian Webcam Girl

Young asian cam girl make a big scat and play with that.

Transform You Twice

This is custom order, no names were used.You transforming me into sentient food that cant die and as a reward you eat me so your goddess body make major improvements on my inferior existence as it slides though you. Also you make fun of my extreme pain and suffering as your goddess tummy digests me in extreme pain. Then you make fun of me as you are shitting me out knowing ill have to live forever in that lowly form.

Used & Abused

Arriving home late one night after going out for drinks with my girlfriends I find my boyfriend asleep on the couch. I drag him into the bedroom and strap him to the bed. Everytime I drink I get extremely horny. So I couldn’t wait to come home and use him as I pleased haha. I immediately straddle his face releasing some of the nastiest gas I get after drinking, pressing his nose tightly against my ass so he has to smell every bit of it every bit of air is coming straight from my sweaty crack.. which after all the dancing I’ve been doing, I’m sure it’s awful for him down there. Smothering him and feeling him struggle against my Pussy just makes me even more horny so I start to tease him, giving him handjobs and very short blowjobs, farting with his nose still pressed against my ass. Everytime I fart I could feel him go soft from the awful smell so I stroke it again, getting him harder before farting again into his lungs. Haha. Tease and denial! This isn’t your time for pleasure Bitch it’s mine! Stick your tongue out …. I started slowly riding his tongue with my ass.. feeling it slide in and out was making me extremely wet but I wasn’t done yet.. Open your mouth.. I said as I turned around positioning my asshole directly over it before setting my pussy right over his nose and sealing his mouth with my ass… perfect. PRRRRRTT.. a loud fart echoed into his mouth & down his throat. Followed by another.. and another.. his nose sucking against my clit trying to get any fresh air… but to no avail. I smother him for just a while longer before letting him know his final tease. I’m going to ride you until I cum. But you’re not allowed.. got it?! — Contains Forward & reverse smothering/farting, Bondage, Ass Spreading, Ass Smelling, Ass Licking, HJ&BJ Teasing, Riding until I cum while I deny him & some pretty intense moaning >.>

Shit Instead Of Hay

With Miss Cherie I’m doing my rounds on my pasture, while we catch a slave as he eats my hay. Although he is only a livestock, but the hay is not intended for him. To punish him, Miss Cherie shits in his mouth and I piss his dirty face clean again.That he does not like this does not matter for us, so he gets a couple of beats on top. Sometimes livestock needs this. *laugh*

Hot Girl Pee On Leat Her Couch

The Rookies!! 2017 Edition!

In the Past two months, I have Introduced you to more new FUNKY ladies than anytime since my first year on scatshop in 2015!!! This years class is the best assemblage of talent yet!!! Enjoy This nearly 20 minute collection of clips from all the new ladies just introduced to you on this site!!! Up First is the lovely thickumz Honey Gramz!! Enjoy a quick unreleased Bubbleguts clip before she returns to drop the in a second clip. Then up next is Queen B with a quick ploppage. Then Of course is the Biggest Ass to grace the screen in 2017, Hershey Rae!! Enjoy as on of my Porn Faves blows farts and drops turds in two quick scenes. She is then followed by Goodness Gracious. Goodness Gracious has already delivered some of the GREATEST clips seen on this site in her first two months!! Enjoy a quick hovering sceen from her in this one. She is followed by the first of my Pregnant new FUNKY ladies in Berry C! Berry C is here with an unreleased new clip! Then after her is the newest sensation – Smoking Redd!!! This Tattooed hotty is Blowing up – literally!! Enjoy as she blows the bowl up in a quick clip. Last but not least is my newest recruit, the also pregnant Destiny Dream! Ms Dream!! Enjoy her well edited debut clip as she drops some other kidz in the pool!! Enjoy all 7 of my new ladies in one wonderful clip!! If you been curious about them all – here’s a chance to see some old and new unreleased action for one low price!!

No Way Out

Today I showed a slave that he is not with me at the petting zoo.A session is pulled through for me without any ifs and buts.This slave thought he could escape with a stop-word of the situation. His grief begins as I realize that I have to poop.It was not over until I fed him with my caviar, but then I let him lick his own vomit and my shit out of his bowl.His bitching and whining I cast him, he was of the opinion that he could not swallow my shit, he has passed over again and wanted to give up. But not with me!Ultimately I do the decisions about all my slaves! And when I say that the shit is eaten up completely then that will also be made​​, no matter how much sick of this slave. Then he must just eat his own vomit again and again!

Katherine’s Unexpected Battleshits

Katherine had to relieve herself at work. Just it looks like she wasn’t the only one to have a bad lunch!! You get to enjoy Katherine’s shitting and farting while also listening to the woman in the next stall over blow it out her ass at the same time!! This is damn near a two-for-one special!! It was like Harold and Kumar in there!!! Katherine was sinking Destroyers, but so was her neighbor!! A unexpected bonus!!!

Upside Dow Till Women Pee

Tube Funnel Pissing!

Mistress is quite fond of her slave so today she is giving him a nice treat, a freshly squeezed golden piss straight from her pussy and through the tube funnel and into his mouth!

My Ass From Behind

This video for your fan who loves to watch my sexy butt during the poop.These are two movies with my beautiful ass and shit.

Piss Drunk On The Balcony

Have I done something in this beautiful weather relaxing on the balcony and have a smoke. Then I got the piss and I piss in a glass of what I’ve let myself in the heat then taste right. If somebody has seen over the block?

Piss Uro Pee Watersport Pissing Pipi

136 Hot Facesitting Shit And Farting

Now lick my ass hole to stimulate my anus. I demanded. He kept fighting me so I pried his mouth open again and put all my weight on his mouth. Do it I said! He hesitantly started slowly licking my ass hole. I could now feel the shit slowly sliding down my rectum.Now wrap your lips around my ass hole I commanded. He did as he was told. I could feel the shit sliding down it was almost ready to come out. I push down a bit to hurry it up but I let out this loud fart. Smell my farts, toilet. I said. It was already pretty stinky. This only made me happier. I knew how disgusting this shit was going to smell. Then the shit started to come out. It slid out of my ass hole and I could feel it going into his mouth. He was gagging but I continued. The first log was pretty small and he finished it pretty quickly. The next log that came out of my ass was a lot bigger and dry. This one he was really going to have to work at. I made sure to let the shit come out slowly. I couldn’t hear him gagging so much anymore. I could smell how horrible my shit was but he kept on it. Log after log.

Spy On Me

Its time for my toilet moment.You can watch me while I sit there with my phone in hand.After few minutes when I push all out I decide to take quick enema to flush all my ass.And You will see all of it.


Hot pooping in sexy light green pantyhose messy shit!

Her Ass Is Smeared With Shit And I Love It! – Part 2

She rubs her pretty feet on my face to smear the rest of the shit all over me. She washes her feet on the pan and then she makes me drink every drop of the filthy water!

Shit Ouftdoor

Shaped Perfectly Like Innards!

Ryuki knew that it was going to be a remarkable shit when she didn’t take a dump for three days. That’s when her shit took the shape of her intestines, and her shit would look so fascinating that she would play with it sometimes, when time permits. With her eyes closed, she felt the slithering movement in her rectum as she pushed out the tip. The tiny, sharp tip released a pip fart, before the turd rounded and slimmed down again – perfectly shaped like Ryuki’s colon. She ballooned her anus even more so as to not break the shape of the beautiful turd, and she closed her eyes and imagined that a snake had fucked her anus and mixed with her shit, only leaving now because it’s done cumming inside her.

The Mini Cock Torture Of The Toilet Slave P2

The toilet slave is now used as a human ashtray and must also hurry to swallow the shit, because Lady Kimi must soon piss and shit. Then she pees plenty in his mouth and the soft sausage comes shortly thereafter out of her beautiful asshole and fills his slave mouth for the second time in quick succession. But that will not be the last thing the toilet slave gets to eat. As a dessert, Lady Domi pukes the slave in his mouth.

Pay Scat Mistress Jana And She Will Give You Her Caviar

Do you have enough money…? Then you will get what you deserve…! I want to shit right into your ugly mug! And I want to fill your mouth with my pee! But of course you have to pay for such a special treatment! And you have to pay a lot, do you understand, loser…!?

Ebonyscatprincess Satin Poop (mpg)

in her satin pajamas the ebonyscatprincess struggles to poop when all of a sudden you get a close up view of her releasing that sweet chocolate

Diry Feet Dirty Bud Dirty Face Part 2

This was of our earlier most successfull Movies. The Girls use the Machine to feed the Man their Poop. The poor Guy was so cruelly filled up with Shit and nobody cared, or they even made Fun of his Suffering Part 2 with English Subtitles

Diry Feet Dirty Bud Dirty Face Part  2

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Shitty Piss Scat Poo

He Is Pissing On Her Big Boobs

He is pissing on her big boobs

Mistress Annabelle – Toilet Slut Training – Hd Version

Mistress Annabelle makes the toilet slut suck a huge dick. With great pleasure she does it. She designs a slave’s throat for a lovely shit dinner. Slave licks pussy and asshole Mistress, after that she pisses in his mouth. A strong stream of pee splashes into the slave mouth. He must manage to swallow sweet drops. She sits over the slave face and begins to shitting in his mouth. A huge long shit comes out from Mistress ass hole. Eat my shit, smelly scum. A lot of shit on the slave face, she suffered for 2 days without shit. A big portion of my shit is your food. Such a crazy pleasure for you to serve me as a toilet She pushes all the shit in his dirty mouth with a huge dick and makes him suck it. A slave sucks and cleans big shitty dick. Now you are trained and you know how to satisfy your Mistress. Lick my ass and open your mouth wider – I want to piss. The slave experiences immense pleasure from humiliation when the Mistress shits in his mouth.

Anal Show And Shit Play On The Toilet

ANAL show and SHIT play on the toilet with dildo and vomit

Enema For Bbw Girl In The Field.

Enema for BBW girl in the field.

Pooping And Dildo

Ploppy Girlfriend Attacks You Again

I wait for the moment when You are in the toilet,and hit again.I told You it would be just a pee, but…oh well sh*t happend.Yeah I mean literally sh*t.You can give me toilet paper, but You wont, so I have to take few steps with pee-wet pussy and no wipe ass. I guess You want to sniff the scent of my brownie:)*No sh*t were shown.Its just clip with plop and pee sounds.

Kitchen Poop And Other Garbaje Part 5 Hd 1080

Girls uses Man

Get Your Tongue To Work You Jerk Part 3

Girls uses Man