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Queen Sylvy’s Snap, Crackle, Plops!!

Queen Sylvy was dropping Rice Crispies yesterday morning!! Enjoy this hot off the press clip as she has her usual Smoke, cofeee, and dump. She starts out with some sharty, crackling logs. One was so big it damn near splashed on the camera screen!! Then enjoy as she switches the camera angle to allow you to see her great facial expressions as she grunts and strains out some more pee and plops . Another great treat from my Brazilian queen!

Mistress Roberta – Huge Breakfast Inside Broken Pantyhose-pov

Today my greedy toilet slave will get a very generous portion of shit inside my broken pantyhose filling half of my ass with that shit and serve it from the floor after you lick clean my ass cheecks, asshole and everywhere i am dirty.

Dirty Talk Voyeur Poop 5 Scenes

The first scene, I enter the bathroom sit on the toilet and tell you that I just can’t believe that your wife will not let you see her in the bathroom. I explain how I are more than happy to take her place & let you experience my bathroom habits. Then I tell you how this is not the first time I have satisfied a married man. I tell you one of my naughty secrets then I flirt with you as I poop, tinkle, and fart. The next four scenes, I just enter and poop, tinkle, and fart on the toilet as if the camera was not there. It’s a voyeur’s delight! I had some constipation in some of the scenes & a big nasty blow out of diarrhea in another! You get to hear all the nasty noises!! Farts included 😉

Ezbian Piss Drink

Shitty Treats

what’s better than fresh shit from delicious and juicy ass? That’s right, just crap with sweets, everything as you like!) Now my crap is really sweet … have you not finished it yet? Do not hurt mommy, and quickly eat all these sweets, because I tried so hard!) Now that you have eaten your treats, you can jerk and put your nose into my chocolate hole, and so that you appreciate all the flavor of my farting shit, I will put it on my buns !

Shit-demand Video

My personal toilet has a very special video to its desired serving crap. I strip slowly in front of the camera, wiggle the butt and shit in the can. These hotter dirty talk 😉

Pissing Via Botlle

Princess Nikki uses a spezial botlle construction to piss in the mouth of her slaves!

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Princess Mia

BONUS+The miserable slave has burnt up his dear Lady a lot. She’ll have to punish this naughty jerk. She orders him to lie on the floor, then began to sit on his face and strangle him. Mia turned on a song and danced on the face of a loser, laughed, played on his face, sat down and got kicks from the fact that the worm couldn’t not do anything and only obediently lay with the pulled out tongue. Mia rubbed her holes against the tongue of a slave, groaned and enjoyed his torment. Then she decided to punish him even more harshly. She shitted right into the face of a pig, laughed and laughed at how helpless and insignificant this slave was. He couldn’t not do anything, but just to lie and gasp … Then she captured him on video, poked his dirty face into a puddle of urine and shit and laughed at him, she orders him to lick all the tasty things that she has cooked for this pig.

Carla Shitting And Covering Her Body

The sexy brunette Carla is shitting, fingering, and covering her body and huge tits with her turds. Very dirty scat games for a lovely amateur girl

Scat Girls Aliz Ii

Aliz urinate in different places and in different positions and she intestines empty. In which she push out her thick, hot shit from her rosettes. Pretty faces with shit spots.

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Mistress Anita – New Strapon Fucking And Diarrhea

SHE IS BACK !!! NEW SCAT MOVIE WITH MISTRESS ANITA !!Mistress Anita is back again with a new diarrhea movie. Today you can see action like : she humiliate her toilet in her room, destroying his asshole with her strapon and other huge toys, she order him to suck his shit from strapon, pissing on him while she jerk off, to cumm at her orders and at the end she order him to wait for her in bathtub until she prepare his suculent meal : A NICE SHITTY DIARRHEA !!! Slave know his fate and he will be feeded again, as usually !

Holding His Pissing Cock

Just in a long skirt, topless on a windy beach, I am unzipping his jeans, pulling his cock out and giving him few strokes before he is starting to pee. Holding his beautiful semi hard cock while his golden stream is spraying on the sand made me so horny!

Hot Black College Girl Kisha In Outdoor Scat Session

Hot black college girl Kisha in outdoor scat session

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A Whole Bowl Of Fresh Poop

People have often a distorted idea of the mistresses, unjustly considered as heartless prodommes who are distinguished for their arrogance and bad manners. Conversely, the true dominant lady, has a strong maternal instinct and behave with their slave in exactly the same way as they as they were puppies to feed lovingly. A real mistress can’t leave without food her slave! For this reason, in this clip, you will see Mistress Melissa produce a generous amount of fecal matter in a bowl for her potential toilet slave, for example… you. Please, enjoy your meal: fresh poop for you!

Full Hd Scat Eruption And Pee Drinking

My mistress call me and told me she cannot stay and keep her shit inside anymore so i must hurry up. i run from job to her home asap. She think that it’s time to deliver my meal directly into my hungry mouth. She let me open just my mouth to can use it as she wants and says she don’t wanna see my face, because she only need my mouth to can satisfy her needs. At the end she get the camera and recording me again and spitting and make me her bitch, toilet slut and shitpot !

Miss Barbara 04

Female Domination and pissing!

I Shit Pov In My Sexy Black Nylons

Oh come and see my sexy show in my very hot black Nylons,you see POV my ass and my rosette when the shit comes…..then i make you hot wizh my little foots and my black nylons!!you Love my big ass when i shit…….

Piss Slut Husb And

Shit In Wetlook Panties

I put on a hot wetlook panties my hot paint heels and glasses on and shit pretty doggy for you in my wetlook panties

Diarheea From Miss Roberta

Another morning, another meal. Mistress become kinky and bizarre day by day. She upload a long diarheea in my mouth to can eat and swallow.

Directly In Mouth

she makes sure her log goes down his thoat, no escape!

Girl Shits A Fish Onto A Plate

Mistress Roberta – Farting And Smearing The New Ecological Leather Leggings-pov

Today i have a new pair of ecological leather leggings and they are very tight and shiny so first you get to kiss my perfect ass while i fart in your nose so you can smell my farts and after slowly i remove the leggings so i can pee and poop i sit on a side so you can see also the pee also the shit comming out and spread wide the ass cheeks to allow the shit to go out because being hard also will go out very hard so after all this i give you my ass hole to lick it clean of all that shit stuck betwin my cheeks and only when you are done you can eat the shit i have spread all over the table .

Mistress Scats On Older Lover! – Full Movie

She is fuming mad because he failed to buy her the luxury handbag she wanted so much. Because of this, she prepared a hefty punishment for him. She sits above his face and deposits a pile of disgusting watery shit on his face. She makes him eat it all up. She pees on his face to help wash it all off.

Princess Nikki Pantyhose Piss

Princess Nikki is pissing in her sexy white pantyhose. The slaves need to suck the pantyhose dry!

Pissing In Husb And

Brutal Scat Session With Face Destruction!

Before his ugly face is destroyed with kicks, he has to lick the dirt from the boot soles clean. I have run especially through dirt and match before. Certainly also the dirt from the toilets of the last party night depends on it. Because he does not get it to my complete satisfaction, he is severely punished. Facestanding, facekicking, facejumping, facetrampling, kicking his face with his foot … until his skull bursts! The brutal punishment goes even further. He is dragged into the toilet. There he has to lie on his back and open his mouth wide. Again and again he is shouting and driven with harsh insults. I piss in his mouth! He even has to shit in his mouth! The full load of shit the last 3 days right down to deep in his throat! As a surprise, there is still the shit in the storage box … He must chew everything fine and completely swallowed. Everything is still captured with photos! The pictures are sent to his wife so that the marriage-bitch can see what kind of toilet she has as a beta-man.



Mega Fat Sausage From The Ass Shot In The Glass

Well that was worth it. It was supposed to be a sausage stew. Unfortunately, the meat was too fat and too long for the glass ^ ^ I had so much pressure in the ass, that she came suddenly shot out. And I’d almost torn the ass. Honestly … that you have to see 😉

Japanese Toilet Pee Ping

Thick Girl Shit In Pantyhose.

Thick girl shit in tights and then blurs all shit on his big ass.

P – Kmw – Drink Our Pee – Day 03 – Full – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 27:50. Girls want to have fun and want to pee. They using a man as a human toilet and make his stomach full.

Gloria And Julia First Time Part 1

Both Girls are completely new to this, but Curiosity got the better of them, so they just had to use this Toilet Guy at least once. Part 1. English Subtitles

Pooping Poopingeat

Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema

Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema Princess Mia.If you are into scat eating and puking you’re gonna love this video. CUSTOM-Milk-enema- Mia’s ass misses the boyfriend, and Mia decided to invite him home to humiliate again. She caught him on the street and lured home. He was also bound, the mouth was closed so that he would not call for help. The girl cooked a chocolate dish for the guy, placed directly on the plate and began to dunk his face, humiliated him. But this is not enough, she made an enema with milk and began to water his head with shit and milk, so that the slave could not breathe at all and coughed. Mia loves when her boys are covered in shit. She pushes his head into shit with milk and laughs at the weak guy.

Merica First Time

Girls uses Man

Everything Messed Up With Pee

The blonde Suzy has drunk incredible much. She ate at a nice restaurant before. She thought about going to the restaurant’s toilet before leaving but then decided to drive home first and wait some more minutes. And of course it was a good idea! Now she arrived at home ? and her bladder is filled up completely and seems to burst! She raises her pink and black dress and knees atop of the toilet bowl. She hold out so long that it seems there comes nothing out of her pussy. Because of the pressing her pussy seems to vibrate. But then she starts the action! She pees again and again. The golden liquid leaves her pussy for minutes now until the last drop of pee drips out of her pussy! Again you can see the pussy shaking because of the pressing ? it almost seems that she lives its own life!


This nasty young mistress uses the slave as toilet, placing it under a chair. He is going to receive the most coveted gifts that can give him a dirty mind. Him against the cancellation takes total dedication to the will of the dominant. Swallow it all.