Shitting In Blue Pantyhose 2

Today Mistress shitting twice and want to offer those gifts for all her members, guests and fans from here !! Enjoy her shitting actions, this is the second movie in blue pantyhose with foot shitting writing action at the end of it. Mistress was single at home and feeling so horny to feel her shit outside her body, dripping from her asshole to her pussy lips. Enjoy it and become our fan in 2016, more kinky and perverse action !!!

Shitting In Blue Pantyhose  2

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Call Of Nature P2

Mistress Michelle sitting on the commode and peeing directly into the slaves mouth. Shortly after the shit falls from her ass directly into the mouth of the toilet slave. But today, it is especially for the slave. He can not swallow and must keep the shit in his mouth while he is whipped with a cane. This is not pleasant for the slaves, but he makes every effort to keep the shit from Mistress Michelle in his mouth, as she had arranged it.

Call Of Nature P2

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They Bullied The New Girl! – Part 5

They are treating her like a human toilet, stuffing things in her ass and finger fucking the poor school girl then stuffing her mouth with her own shit! Then they get the plunger from the dirty toilet and acting like they’re flushing her!!! When they had enough torturing her they left her crying on her on, to my surprise one of the girl returns to comfort her which ends up in a passionate kissing!

They Bullied The New Girl! - Part  5

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Girls Dormitory’s 24/7 Human Toilet!

Meanwhile at the Girls Dormitory? The girls are as usual are on their best behavior whilst in the class, it looks like they wouldn’t hurt a butterfly! What happen after class, what do they do? They must go out of their mind with boredom in that dorm. NO they don’t, they have someone in the basement.. Their own human toilet who is all wrapped up, cannot escape and ready to take the schoolgirls disposed feces any time, any day its 24/7!!! The girl’s hard poo was watered down by her girlfriends piss!

Girls Dormitory's  24/7 Human Toilet!

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Feeding My Slave!

I’ve just built a home-made toilet for my slave and can’t wait to try it out! Come watch as I place my slave underneath my home-made toilet and proceed to shit out turd after turd and a lot of piss on his filthy face. His aim wasn’t good and he missed quite a few of my tasty turds…not to worry, I get down there and pick them up and shove my delicious chocolate right into his nasty mouth. I get some on my toes and get him to lick them, so sexy!

Feeding My Slave!

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