Femdom Ass Hole Pissing

Pooping In Aluminium Plate

I’m in squatting position, poop and pee in an aluminum plate (type 2 of Bristol chart). I filmed with the camera very close to my ass (my face is not visible). Then I zoom the camera so you can see the details of my poop.

Imprison Slaves And Eat The Dung Of The Mistress Martina

Mistress Martina imprisoned slaves and began to defecate in the mouths of slaves; slaves were trained as servants of slavery

Scat Paradise. Part 4

Hi Everybody.it is Lilith and I want to share with you my new video,sincerely I think that this is one of the best of my video with epic hardcore shitting and fucking. For this one we had very experienced operator hich tried to show everything from its best sides.So watch everything yourself, I have never being shitfucked like this, with such passion and sensetivity.I hope you will get the same joy as I had when will be watching this video.Shit Kisses.Lilith.

Twik Shitting

Public On The Lake Men Piss Swallowed And Cock Blown Deep!

I was recently back at my favorite lake to swallow there again a lot of sperm and piss. I love it when many cocks cum and piss me in my mouth. Here Andy-Star, on the lake in front of spectators, first gave me a deepthroat and then he pissed me nicely in my mouth. Of course I swallowed everything greedy again. From next week will make again public actions for everyone at the lake. So be there and piss and cum me in my mouth,too!

Inlet With My Pee

My – anal Sub – must wait on all fours in the shower with me. I have given him a very large funnel. My instruction to him: Put the funnel in your useless ass and wait for my body warm pee enema! This Pee experience I then missed him. His ass was literally flooded my delicious Pee

Golden Shower Humiliation In Latex

Defenseless packaged in latex takes my divine rubber ass on the slave’s face space . After intensive Atemreduktion when Facesitting I open the rubber bag and my zipper between my legs . Now I let endless pee raining on the slaves and give a Jerk of Instruction me to spray on my bare feet ! [ SM Studio Femdom Empire ]

Big Yummy Shit!

Bella is shitting a long, big delicious scat.. why there is no toilet slave under my ass, who eats my shit?? its so much beautiful to see, how the shit come out….

Piss Sex Yingming

Scat Ass And Sparkly Unicorn Poop – Double Feature (avi)

This is a double Clip.. First clipIn this clip, which was by request…I sit down and let you see my private moments in the shitter.The views are not multi, but hey, i was in a fucking hurry.. but I let yo nasty ass watch me anyway.You watch as I quickly sit down then stand up and poop just plops into the toilet.. you love it like that..and after wards, I wipe and show to you.. don’t forget to sniff.. After I wipe, I realize that I ran out of tissue and that I wiped my ass quite sloppy..its just smeard on the top of each of my ass cheeks.. you asked me to squat down so that you can see what you will be cleaning with your tonguebut I only show you a little, the rest, you will have to earn. EnjoySecond clip- Sparkly Unicorn Poop – I had just used the bathroom, and couldnt hold it any longer..my favorite Sugar Sub asked me tomake a clip of me desperately pooping…and after a hearty dinner, I couldnt hold it..so I went to the bathroom in the first clip and afterward a little tissue got stuck to my ass, unknow to myself.. and when I came to poopbefore you it all just came running out like a horse… just plop plop plop..it was so much i had to show youand so I do in slow motion.. poop is so sparkly and shiny that it reminds of unicorn poop with out all the colorbut all the sparkle


Pasta party with Caviar & Champagne for my slave by Mistress AntonellaWhen a Pasta party is organised by Mistress Antonella, it’s a gastronomic meal.Sniffing for her slave in order to appreciate completely this amazing meal.She adds her Caviar with gracefully and elegance, and gives a glass of her Champagne! You wish to taste and enjoy this wonderful meal…

Bisexual Party With My Toilet Slaves

Mistress have a great idea for this movie : she wanna use both of her toilets into a bisexual party orgie !! She will fuck one of her toilets with her strapon, then other slave will fuck him with his cock, while he will lick her pussy and make her cumm. And of course, Godess will use both mouths for filling them with piss and a Diarrhea . . . .Great party !!

Pregnant Unshaven, And Ne Big Fat Sausage

I’m pregnant and unshaven. Would you watch how I shit a thick sausage?

Girl Accidently Shit Herself

Scat Goddess Ashtray And Dirty Socks In Mouth

Scat Goddess strike with another bizarre movie. She love to play with her toilet and today was socks cleaning time. She use her toilet in her kitchen and oblige him to smell, clean, lick and suck her dirty socks, all before she use him as ashtray in bathtub, with a huge turd in his throat. She smoke and feed her toilet and order him to become a dirty pig for her, if he wants to cumm today. Soon Scat Goddess will begin a shit challange but you will be informed about that soon….

Mistress Roberta -spoon Feeding After Serving – Full

Today my slave will be used and abused for my fun first i trample him a bit after i tease and deny him with the chastity key and i play with his nipple trample him facesitting him and after i take the bowl i want to feed him from .I take the plastic bowl pee in it give him a bit to drink and the rest spill it on his body and after i shit in the bowl and spoon feed him after i play a bit with him and tease him, enjoy.

Pee Extrem!

Pee EXTREM for my slave.

Shit Eating And Piss Drinking Through Yellow Panty

Mistress keep tryin’ to surprise me day after day. She says : You will beg me to taste my shit through my panties toilet . . . and she was right !!! She tease me in a yellow pair of new panties, facesiting me, smother me, asphixiate me with her gorgeous ass, then shitting in her panty, making me lick her shit through them, and piss in them. A mixed piss and diarrhea was exactly what a slave need from a godess !!!

Pee Into Asshole

Black Mistress Toilet Slave 12.

Sexy Black Mistress and her Asian Mistress girlfriend use a white male slave as a toilet, pissing and shitting into the slaves mouth and making the slave drink and eat all there waste.The Black Mistress dressed in a exotic leather outfit squats down over the slave and takes a long piss, having her slave drink it up, this is followed by a big shit, with a big turd sticking out of the slaves mouth, then it’s the sexy Asian Mistress turn, her pussy over the slaves open mouth, as she pisses into it, then the perverted Black Mistress feeds her toilet slave all her shit, making him eat it !!

Help Me Slave, I Cant Poop Part 1 Intro

The Girls find out talking about it that secretly most Girls use the Slaves Tounge to trigger the pooping Sensation. They have the Slave put his Tounge in their Anus and then it is just so much easier to poop. English Subtitles

101.3.2 Eat And Be Happy!

101.3.2 Do you want to be crazy for my Divin e Bottom? Let you see this happy end of video 101 ‘The Divine Bottom of Mistress Isabella’. I’m so mercyfull in this clip to help my slave to eat all my big turd showing again my Divine Bottom. He can delight after dinner…. Mp4.

Girl Pissing And Shitting In Playground

Mega Piss Orgy With 4 Girls And 6 Men!

I was with 3 girlfriends in the sauna. After the sauna we wanted to take a shower. Some men have approached us because they were horny for us! We have 6 men, pissing in the mouth. Then the 6 men have pissed me in the mouth and one of my girlfriends too! I gargled with all the stinking piss before I swallowed it, relish. And all public … Another of my girlfriends pissed me on my tits! In addition, the girls have pissed off each other, too! A really dirty, perverted and horny piss orgy

Have Myself Pissed In My Mouth! Selfpee

Drink and swallow, not just like the piss of others, but also my own spicy-pee. The best of course tastes straight from the source! So I piss me with a full beam itself in my greedy mouth!

Bikini Clad Gang Pee Abuse Slave!

It is a private party which starts with 2 lesbian mistresses who strip down to their bikinis to begin the abuse of their masked slave. Before long, they are joined by two more as they go about trampling and humiliating him under their perfect feet! He is given a funnel to hold tightly in his mouth to be delivered with golden sweet juice from these cruel and beautiful bitches. All the time they are laughing and mocking him. He is totally helpless and must endure whatever they want to do with him.

Hunter Moore Scat Tubes

Extreme Scat Virginity Loss. Part 6

AstraCelestial team proudly presents.That day she went through all circles of scat hell, in the end we spilled on her around 10 kg of shit which we were storing in the freezer for special cases. And she lost all mental virginities she had before. She never had golden rain, anal sex, enemas, BDSM and in that day she tasted it all.Full video is more than 2 hours of instant action with tons of shit, sex and tears.

I Just Let It Run – Golden Shower Pure

Did you ever have to piss so badly and just couldn’t hold it anymore? Today I had extreme pressure on my bladder and just let it run ml. It was a total relief for me to empty my bladder without having to worry about anything.

Step Sis On A Scat Marathon! – Part 3

She goes down on Lara’s cunt and eats her, shit and all. They smear shit all over their bodies as they kiss and lick each other.

Assive Shit Outside

So Stinky ))

Your juicy smelly hot fresh dinner is ready. A lot of this comes from my ass. Just open your mouth and eat. Enjoy your meal! I am so full! I can not stop it. The explosion is coming. It is very close. Oh God… Here comes! Huge brown explosion. It smells so much.This time my shit is so liquid! Brown stinky diarrhea… And my asshole also is huge and swollen.You want more?

Marisol Shits And Farts

I take a nice shit on my bed and blow some stinky farts. I hope u enjoy. If you want a personalized video from me, email Marisol at this address and tell me what u desire.

The Very Very Big Sausage Must Out

I have four days not shitting…..ah the shit is so so big and long!! I liyng on the couch and he comes a so big sausage on my rosette…..6 cm thick and 22 cm long shit from a hot curvy blonde Mistress,come and eat Slave!! you can see the sausage so near at the end!!

Two Girls Double The Shit!

After eating a bad Chinese both girls have a very bad feeling in there stomach and it’s not long before their panties are full of soft and sticky shit.The girls are feeling VERY horny and Danni and Jessie are soon touching their pussies through their messy panties, sitting on and squishing the dirty loads between the floor and their asses and smearing shit over each others legs, bellies, tits and pussies! It isn’t long before they start to masturbate each other, getting hot, heavy and messy together!

Black Woman Pooping Toilet

Krass Public Piss-drinking At The Lake!

Here you can see how me use bathers at a public swimming lake, as living toilet and piss me in my greedy mouth! Here swim, whatsoever times, audience over!

I Pee’d And Shit Myself Unexpected

While waiting for the bus to go home from work, I feel I had to pee so before the bus comes I rush to the public toilet to take a piss but then I farted and shit myself too!

Miranda First Time

Miranda has Trouble believing, somebody would eat her Poop, but at the End, she is willing to poop into this Guys Mouth with english Subtitles

Best Of 2012 Pissing

At the end I wish you a Best of 2012 Pee show where I cut up my favorite clips hope Dich.Ich extra just for you are my kinky clips just like watching it like me, it was fun to shoot them.

Lesbian Pissing On Ech Ot Her

Poor Slave Gets Our Shit

Here I have together with my girlfriend Lady Laura, use a toilet slave, filled his mouth with pound of shit. I sat down with my hot ass on the face of the slave and he had to lick my asshole with his tongue. While the slave licked Laura’s asshole, we pooped him in the mouth and he had to eat our shit.As a reward that he swallow our divine shit, I sat on his face with my big horny butt. Are you good there? I know it is!

Toilet Training Mind Control Jerk Off

I like to take normal men and transform them into human toilets. Another man came to me to tell me he had a scat fetish and wanted to be made into a human toilet. When I pissed in his mouth, he gagged so hard he nearly puked. So I knew what I must do. I must begin his training with mind control tactics. I took a big shit on his chest and stared to jerk him off with my shit, spreading it all over his body while telling him in my brainfucking voice how he will only ever be allowed to jerk off to scat porn from now on. He must only ever masturbate to shit. I want him to become a real toilet and for that, he must only be able to get hard from shit. Watch me break his mind and his cock as I change his way of thinking.

Extreme Public Indecencies On The Beach Of Maspalomas!!

Was with my girlfriend Tina (DirtyTina) on the nude beach of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. When she had pissed, I let me piss on her, in front of numerous spectators, publicly in my mouth. Some men who have watched, seized the opportunity and then used me dirty, too. Check it out and you know what I mean! That’s genuine and spontaneous dirtier Public Sex!

Doctor And Nurse Teamed Up To Shit And Fuck The Helpless Nurse

Nurse Riku has caught nurse Mai having an affair with the married doctor so she confronted her, what she didn?t know is this doctor heard what they were arguing about so they teamed up against her. Getting her up on the table to shit for their benefit. Nurse Riku then let out a slimy fart and shit herself in her panties and pantyhose and rub it to nurse Mai’s face while laughing at her. She then rub all the shit all over her face while doctor stuff his cock in her mouth and she started sucking it. Nurse Riku continues to humiliate poor Mai by rubbing more shit on her pretty face, the shit is all over the floor, while doctor busy himself inserting his tiny dick into Mai’s vagina fucking her hard while Nurse Riku shitting on her face again then. The doctor finishes inside her and Riku kissing her poor friend Mai.