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I’m in squatting position, poop and pee in an aluminum plate (type 2 of Bristol chart). I filmed with the camera very close to my ass (my face is not visible). Then I zoom the camera so you can see the details of my poop.

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Mistress Martina imprisoned slaves and began to defecate in the mouths of slaves; slaves were trained as servants of slavery

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Hi is Lilith and I want to share with you my new video,sincerely I think that this is one of the best of my video with epic hardcore shitting and fucking. For this one we had very experienced operator hich tried to show everything from its best sides.So watch everything yourself, I have never being shitfucked like this, with such passion and sensetivity.I hope you will get the same joy as I had when will be watching this video.Shit Kisses.Lilith.

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I came home and really want to shit. take off all the clothes. I take a glass bowl and start shit. this is seen in close up. I am pleased with the result.I walk in the park. don’t wear underwear. I want to shit. I raise my short skirt and shit flies out of my asshole.

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I led the slave on a leash in my torture room. He kiss my shoes and lick my heels. Then I ordered him to lie down on a special goat and lightly hit him with a whip. Lick my ass and suck my whet pussy, if you want that I piss on you. He put his hands under my ass and I shit with diarrhea on his hand. With pleasure he eat my shit and smear diarrhea on a body. I spit and wiped my feet on him. His pitiful penis stood up and I just laughed at him and kicked him straight on his dick. Stay in the torture room and eat all my shit, dirty toilet. It’s your destiny.

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I had very big bowel movements in this one. I’m very aware how much you guys adore us girls sitting on the toilet taking massive shits in perfect view for you. Long, juicy, creamy & thick turds slowly sliding out of my asshole, including some nice pissing action too!Intimate moments shared with you as I stake a shit and piss in the toilet for your viewing pleasure! – From Toilet Time 56No wonder I had cramps! I was really full! Pushed out no less than four turds for you in this one. Especially the first three were very long & thick. I have pretty healthy stools hehe. – From Toilet Time 57Be sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

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Mistress Michelle now needs to use the toilet and use the toilet slaves and shits in his mouth. She sits on the toilet seat and enjoy their coffee and talking with Celine. The turd falls into the jaws of slaves. Then Lady Celine must go to the toilet.

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Defenseless packaged in latex takes my divine rubber ass on the slave’s face space . After intensive Atemreduktion when Facesitting I open the rubber bag and my zipper between my legs . Now I let endless pee raining on the slaves and give a Jerk of Instruction me to spray on my bare feet ! [ SM Studio Femdom Empire ]

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This is a double Clip.. First clipIn this clip, which was by request…I sit down and let you see my private moments in the shitter.The views are not multi, but hey, i was in a fucking hurry.. but I let yo nasty ass watch me anyway.You watch as I quickly sit down then stand up and poop just plops into the toilet.. you love it like that..and after wards, I wipe and show to you.. don’t forget to sniff.. After I wipe, I realize that I ran out of tissue and that I wiped my ass quite sloppy..its just smeard on the top of each of my ass cheeks.. you asked me to squat down so that you can see what you will be cleaning with your tonguebut I only show you a little, the rest, you will have to earn. EnjoySecond clip- Sparkly Unicorn Poop – I had just used the bathroom, and couldnt hold it any favorite Sugar Sub asked me tomake a clip of me desperately pooping…and after a hearty dinner, I couldnt hold I went to the bathroom in the first clip and afterward a little tissue got stuck to my ass, unknow to myself.. and when I came to poopbefore you it all just came running out like a horse… just plop plop was so much i had to show youand so I do in slow motion.. poop is so sparkly and shiny that it reminds of unicorn poop with out all the colorbut all the sparkle


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