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Mistress Gaia – Full Meal For Slaves

A commendable example of devotion on the part of my slave who adores me and would do anything for me: I serve him a complete meal of shit, piss and spits and he swallows it all, with relish and humility. He is aroused during the meal, but the joy of eating the fruits of his Mistress is still more pleasant than jerking-off. The video contains scenes of prolonged coprophagia and urofagia only suitable for lovers of the genre.

Student Gushes On Teacher As She Cums!

She is aware that her grades are slipping so she talks to her science prof for a way to make extra credit on his subject. He agrees, on one condition: she has to sit on his face and let him eat her cunt! Knowing she really has no choice, she lifts her skirt and sits on teacher’s face, rubbing her pussy on his nose. After inhaling her secret scent, he makes her take off her panties so he can eat her cunt. This he does until she manages to pee all over his face, showering him with glorious golden urine.

Tub Squat Vol. 2

A little while after my tummy starting to hurt I have to poop and it was almost time to bathe. So I ran my water and squatted on the side of the tub to release a soft big poop. After wiping I got closer to the cam to show off my clean ass and creamy pussy.

Mauritian Piss

Man Fed With Feces By Two Ladies! – Part 1

The ladies sneak into the man’s room while he is in the middle of his sleep! Then, one of them takes off her panties, positions herself on top of the guy, and then defecates inside his mouth! Immediately, he wakes up, but being pinned down with the sweetheart’s weight, there is nothing that he could do! Eventually, while she is doing this, a different woman takes off the man’s lower garments and then gives him a handjob and a blowjob!

Loooong Soft Sausage

Sexy Thigh and sweet little shirt …. and the coronation? A horny long, soft sausage …. hmmm yummy 😉 Video of 2012

Ebonyfetish 12 Nasty Days Of Christmas Day 1

A GLASS OF XMAS PISS: I decided to start off my 12 Nasty Days of Christmas by giving my slave a big glass of my hot piss. Watch me fill the glass and then see him drink every last drop and thank me for being so good to him!!

Milf Pissing Bbw

Mix Compilation 79


Mistress Dressed In Seethrough Catsuit Feeding Toilet

Today huge tits Mistress use her toilet boy for a cbt and strapon fucking session. She order her toilet to learn how to suck her strapon then she fuck his throat, asshole then begin to feeding him her turds !

Miss Sandra Slave Antje 02

Miss Sandra and her boyfriend humilate slavegirl Antje. She has to swollow Sandras her boyfriends and ever her own piss, they spit in her face fucks her and let her lick Sandras ass. Very strong humilation

Perverse Piss Games With User Sexsexteufel!

I had invited the user sexsexteufel, who wanted to experience perverse piss games with me. No problem, for perverse things I am always to have! First he pissed me into my sluts mouth and of course his whole yellow piss swallowed. With bizarrem gargle of the spicy men’s piss! Have afterwards deeply blown his cock clean! Then I pissed him in, standing, into his mouth … was his first time … but it tasted good to him! After I had pissed, he has fingered me nice my pussy!

Perverse Piss Games With User Sexsexteufel!

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Vomit Japonais

Bathroom Scat Play Adventures

New awesome video with SCAT play, sucking, licking and smearing with warm fresh and tasty shit from my pantys,if you like dirty oral shit playing, thats all you need!) Dont forget subscribe on my official page on twitter, in July you be surprised!))

Scat Sex In Bath

A couple is having sex in bathThe girl is going to shit while her guy is fucking her pussy.When she’s done, the guy will fuck her ass very hard.


Hot color panty huge messy shitting!

Shitty Haity Anal

Horny Dirty Release After Gym

Back from Gym my butt and pussy needed a release after some sexless weeks. I just grabbed the next toy and fucked myself to orgasm and poop ,_)

Mistress Anita Feeding A Toilet After Vacation

Goddess Anita was back from another vacation and she was filming her first clip, by herself, Her phone was put upside down, and she will learn soon how to record her movies better:) Action is with full toilet with a new toilet slave. Price reduced because of her Mistress mistake with image.

Talcum Powder Toilet Fetish

With a lot of talcum powder I put my hands on my ass … I want to make my big butt soft before shaving my asshole … you want to be under me? This is a really strange toilet video but you will not miss it!

Peekaboo Shit

This clip is a very special edition and is a part of my mini collection. I give you a little face tease, which goes against my principles, but in this unique clip I have decided to allow my special customers the privilege of getting to know me a little bit better. It’s for this reason I price it at a not so cheap price; my identity is precious to me, therefore only my special customers can get to see a little more of me than I’m usually willing to share. You may not see another clip like this anywhere, so get it while it’s hot. In the beginning, I give you a lil strip tease. You will see my gorgeous body from my head down to my pretty lil toes. I have probably the longest legs of any woman you will see in a video such as this; you will be wishing I could wrap these long ass legs around you as you f*ck my dirty asshole. You see me in doggy-style; I’m releasing a nice stinky turd which is coming slowly out of my pretty lil ass. I wipe my dirty ass and show the shit stained toilet paper; I then masturbate for you to close out the video.PS. If you’re willing to spoil me by buying this rare clip, I would advise you to grab it quick before I decide to remove it. 😉

Passouted Girl Shitting Herself

Arisa Patiently Waiting

Lounging around and making you wait then positioned atop two stools to poop!

Mistress Gaia – Pile Of Shit

CUSTOM REQUEST – ”Hello my supreme Queen, I would ask if You can make a video where You make Your divine shit very very hard, so that it is struggling to emerge from Your divine ass… and possibly so much shit… It must be almost a record…”

Mistress Annabelle – Piss And Shit In The Mouth

Again I was training my toilet slave. I like to punish slave if he does not obey me. Lick my shoes and suck my heels stupid pig. Swallow my spit. Drink my pee, my toilet. You just a useless thing and must eat all my shit. I will sit comfortably on the chair, and you lie down and catch pieces of my shit, my toilet. Do you like being my toilet? You want even more of my fresh shit. I will use you all the time as I want to go in the toilet.

Introducing Becky!!

New Month = New Ladies!! Once again we continue our pursuit of North American Dominance with another Canadian hotty named Becky!! Becky is a cute young MILF who’s down to let us peep in on her in the ladies room! Enjoy her ‘solid’ debut – in more ways than one!!! Plenty of peeing and pl0pping going one!! Be on the lookout for more from her in the future

Shitting In Her Toilet

Lisas Visit Day2 Hd P2

Lady Lisa use the toilet slave serveral times to shit in his toilet mouth. The soft shit is realy hot and a dream for toilet slaves. She is shitting him directly in his mouth.

The Use Of My Live Toilet In The Woods

I love to walk in nature, I caught my Toilet shit eater in the woods in the Park, and today I decided to remind him who he is, how he got to me. The walk was a success, it was easy and I had fun, fed my live Toilet delicious shit in broad daylight near a crowded alley

P – Mw – Toilet Chair – Drink All My Pee – 12 – B – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 10:36. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all pee from VERONICA.

Beautiful Eats Shit Funnel

Aritomo’s Golden Gag And Slurps!

Middle-aged Aritomo had a double life: a bank manager in the morning, and a human toilet in the evening. His mistress tonight, Aya, took ultimate pleasure in locking his jaw with a cut bottle. Her sweaty pussy in view, Aritomo could only keep quiet as he gagged from the stinking pee. What did she drink before this? Aritomo tasted salty, bitter and sour at the same time. But he dare not spit any of it out, lest he incur the wrath of his mistress. The pee sloshed and gurgled down Aritomo’s throat, a good quart of it, so much for a small woman. Aritomo then opened his mouth so his mistress can sit on his face and grind her unwashed pussy and pee hole on his mouth and nose. The smell was even stronger when his nose was buried in her pussy and bush, and the smell of pee coated the insides of his mouth and face. Aritomo now felt like a proper human toilet slave.

Mistress Jade Part 2

Part 2 Mistress Jade, the Nurse

Domestic Slave Awaits His Daily Feeding

A domestic slave is masked and tied. He awaits his mistress patiently. He won’t complain. She will tie him in her own time, and also in her own time, she will deliver to him funnel fed pee and nice bite sized pieces of scat into her slaves mouth. His reward? To clean her toilet with his mouth!

Giant Turd Shitting On The Living Room Glass Table

Whoa, that was twitching jerk! Ass to the edge of the plate to keep the camera and loskacken 🙂 As he piled up, the mega pile! Check for yourself how he slowly builds up .. ..