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A very beautiful mistress who also looks very feminine, but don?t let her appearance mislead you. She is as ruthless as any other mistress you’re likely to encounter. She first dominates him with her feet, ordering him to worship her feet. Once this is complete, she takes position on her favorite chair and feeds him a funnel serving of pee and then pushes out a EXTREMELY long serving of her delicious scat. There is so much shit that she has to feed him chunks of her scat by picking it up using her rubber gloves!

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I have to poop (yeah, what else is new, lol) and I was thinking of giving you guys a little surprise…not revealing much but it’s sexy!!!

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Pig On The Floor Part 3

Girls Uses Man

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Lady Alysha and Mistress Mia loves to pee everywhere…Older clip reduced quality

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Maisy visits Berlin and has a nice hotel room with a big bathroom. She gets a shower and during her shower she has to shit…..she makes a big shit and starts to play with the scat. Maisy smears, lick and tastes her scat….

The Wanderer

Miss Jane and me meet a wanderer, who asks us for the way. Of course we have some fun with him and guide him to the wrong direction. In the end he gets pissed at and must eat my caviar.

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Real Extreme foot domination from Adelina Frau. She loves when her pretty legs are kissed by the slave. She thrusts her legs to him into a mouth and masturbate. She is very excited and relaxed. Further she sits down between two chairs so that the face of the slave has appeared under her ass. She told the slave to open his mouth and catch her delicious tasty shit. The mouth of the slave is completely filled with Adelina’s shit. It is very delightful and is desired to be in toilet slavery of such sweet Lady.

Extreme Foot Domination And Toilet Slavery

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Mistress Roberta -lick The Pee Off My Leg And After You Can Eat The Shit -pov

Today i am preparing your breakfast as always and i wet my leg in the process with pee si o decided to give you first the ass hole to lick it clean and after to lick clean my leg full with pee and after you can eat the poop, enjoy!

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Thick girl shit in the pants.

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New Beautiful Extreme and young girl Millie use her slave like a toilet. If you are into scat eating and connoisseur of female beauty you’re gonna love this video. Millie talks with her slave and command him to lick and kiss her pretty legs. She have a beatifull and very sweet ass. At the first, she shits in his mouth with very sexual groans. She very strongly wanted to shit and couldn’t constrain anymore. Millie sit on his face with her full body weight with her anus tightly pressed with his open mouth. Millie asks the slave to eat and chew her delicious shit. She fills his mouth with the most tasty shit from her beautiful ass and told him to lick her ass. In the process since girls anus is tightly pressed to slave’s open mouth no bad smell comes out and a perfectly odor free toilet experience for the mistress, in this process. After licking her ass she spits in his mouth and require him to swallow. She humiliate the slave and controls his actions, constantly communicating with him. She is very exсited and love BDSM!

The Best Toilet For Pretty Girl! Princess Millie!

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Kazusa Is A Turd Empress – Full Movie

Kazusa felt all her self control draining away as the Master pushed the vibrator into her anus. The shaking of the vibrator released a rough fart, and bits of warm and soft turd began flowing out of her hole to the Master’s delight. The Master took a porcelain white plate and ordered Kazusa to push out her treasured turd so he can watch each piece pinch off her ass. The turd plopped softly on the surface of porcelain plate. Kazusa’s pretty fingers squeezed the poo between her fingers, spreading the gooey goodness across her white tennis shirt. The smell hit her nostrils, making her eyes water a little but she didn’t want to stop. After stripping completely, she continued enjoying her own warm shit as she slathered her breasts and belly, making sure she crushed the warm turd completely so it would coat her soft, warm skin. The Master lost all control with Kazusa and started fucking her warm mouth, making her gag. The smooth floor was completely COATED in Kazusa’s brown, gooey gift, and the Master couldn’t get enough of her pussy, now slathered with turd too.

White Outfit Smear

I just woke up with the urge to poop. I didn’t have time to take anything off. All I have on is my white socks, white thong, and white cami. I had to poop so badly though, so everything had to stay on. Watch how quickly the white turns to brown 😉

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HUMILIATION SCAT.Smearingnew!!!The Goddess and the toilet slave.

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my slave has to lick me while i am facesitting on him. i pee in his mouth. then i shit on him and smear the poop with my feet. he loves it

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I drank too much prune juice during the day and ate my stomach ache all the time until it just wanted to shoot me out of now, I just said to my friend just take a towel and lay down wherever I could It really did not keep it like cocoa with grains of the bread which I ate to admit breakfast :-). I spray his cock really full of my cocoa and what happens then look at the clip :-). I hope you like the clip 🙂

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Man, man, in that I did not even finished yet passiert.Wollte me tighten, but the pressure of the rich cluster was bigger .. So I quickly still on the button pressed on the video .. but that was about it, with only one shoe on, I shit going on .. and it falls just so out of my asshole on the floor! There is no end. Then I zoom the pile ran and I show you my bekackten, dirty ass in close-up 🙂


Mary is running lot of shit in the fisntes;)

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New Toilet Domination! Adelina Frau! Part 2

This is the second part of the video, in which Adelina Frau dominates and humiliate her toilet slave. He lick and clean her beautiful ass and kiss her pretty legs. Then she sits between two chairs and command the slave to lick her asshole with his tongue. She is very excited and relaxed, slave was entered deeply in her ass and get a large portion of delicious shit from the source. She make him a masturbate with shit in his mouth and finishe. Slave should thank Adelina Frau for a delicious dinner. She is beutiful and taste of her shit is very pleasant and sweet. If you want to be in slavery of such beautiful girl you must become a toilet for her!


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Watch me pooping a big load into my Pampers, dressing it with a yellow diaper plastic panty, jerking my steamy hot scat into my big meaty pussy by kneading the bulging yellow rubber panty until i come …

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Isabelle Extreme sucking shit covered cock of her friend

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Oxana is hot pooping sexy shit in beach panties for you!

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And the next toilet slave who wanted to eat my big shit sausages. This slave, too, came to his limits! Because I was not shit for 3 days, so that he also got to eat properly. Have him directly from my horny asshole a new record suspicious mega-shit sacked in his mouth. You can see this from 4 perspectives. After he had his mouth fully full with my shit and his face was also full, he had to eat everything and swallow. I always had my shit stuffed nicely in his mouth while I sat on his upper body. When he had eaten 3/4 of the mega-shit he lay there like a pile of misery. But that did not interest me. Since I had to piss I have him still a mega-load piss in his mouth pissed. He also had to swallow it completely, mixed with my restless shit. I guess that this slave had no hunger and thirst all day, with these huge amounts!

Footworship, Scat Eating And Golden Shower!

This mistress loves to dress up and she dresses up especially for this session with her slave. She orders the slave to worship and lick her feet. He loves this as any many would! After this, she whips him to show him who’s his boss and then squats down over his face and has him sniff her farts which he does greedily. Once he has consumed her farts, his next course is a nice drink of her pee which he does through the funnel that is placed into his mouth. Not a drop is spilled. Once he has drank his mistresses pee, its time for scat! She seats herself on her scat chair and pushes out a nice sausage for his consumption. To make sure none of her goodness is wasted, she wears rubber gloves and feeds him peaces of her scat and uses her fingers to push more scat down into his throat!

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We succeeded in taking pictures of Japanese women who frown at the shopping mall ‘s toilet.Please enjoy the brown objects coming out from the Japanese women’s anal.

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I am pissing in the waste basket then i feel like i needed to shit also so i push it out right into the waste basket. Then i put it away =)

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A caged slave has a surprise in store for him. His mistress has brought back her friends to let her deliver her shit for consumption by her slave. This is the slaves version of eating out. Except in this case, he’s only leaving his cage to be served with hot and fresh sweet shit from his Mistress and her friends assholes. They take great pleasure in pushing the slaves head into the plate they have shit on to make sure he eats every last bit! LICK that plate CLEAN! Then his Mistresses friends left but Mistress has another push of her shit and serves more shit for him, this time it was runny and squishy. What a lucky slave!