3d Glasses Piss

He’s Eating My Shit

Toilet training with Goddess Antonella. Pooping into her slave’s mouth and then asking to eat it.

Drink The Urine And Feet First Two Mistresses

Slaves to worship the queen of the two feet, hard with licked. The queen to urinate into the slave’s mouth

Behold, My Mistress Who Shits And Spits On Me! – Full Movie

She loves being the dominant one and I indulge her pleasure. Right now, she whips me with her belt to make me submit to her whims. She rubs her ass and pussy on my face then aims her butthole right above my mouth. She dumps chunks of shit right into it and I savor every bite of her scat. ***DISCOUNTED***

Thalias Toilet Boy

This Toilet Guy made me mad, so I used him as Toilet and then I showed what he could be good for. And that was really good !!! Makes him a little less worthless ! Fucking Freak !