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Ass Worship And Crap

Unlike many Mistresses who train their slaves to be toilets, Mistress Anna not only allows slaves to worship her holy asshole, she insists on it. Proper lubrication is a must.The Mistress sits directly on the slaves face and it is ordered to lick, to poke inside with his tongue and even suck the incomparable orifice. In this video, we get to see Mistress Anna’s angelic face for just a moment. She is smiling so sweetly, you could imagine she is greeting a friend when she says “Hi!”, but you see she is smiling at how her slave is struggling to swallow her shit. This video has a lot of Mistress Anna’s beautiful face and we see her laugh as she makes it swallow her shit by slapping its balls.

Selfi – Toilet Slave Eats Alina’s Hot And Smelly Shit

Today, Alina cornered her personal toilet slave with her hot and smelly liquid shit.

They Bullied The New Girl! – Part 2

The continue to stuff her mouth with food until she is choking then she was kicked to the ground. They get her naked and inserted things in her ass! They do this humilation while mocking and laughing at her vulnerability.

P – Mmw – Drink Our Pee – C – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 7:50. Toilet slavery. Toiletman must drink all pee from Matylda and Veronica.