Abuse Piss Puke

I Love A Dirty Orgasm

I like an orgasm with the smell of shit and I have to do it often. Today you will see everything I love.I’m going to shit and chew at the same time giving a shit in my horny pussy and masturbate….I like to caress my nipples, they are very sensitive and exciting, Of course shit on my breast. Kisses Victoria

Mistress Anna – Poop With Boots

Custom request :Hello. You use your high black boots. I would like to see you alone, taking a big shit on the floor in squat position and you wear boots, the camera in front of you, so i can see you when you push and see the shit. Thank you very much for that !

Cori’s Load Of Fun!

Big Butt Cori is back with New Splacks!! Enjoy two great clips as she spreads nice and wide to unleash some nice heavy loads!!! Enjoy as my favorite PAWG unleashes the FUNK like only she can!! Enjoy one great rearview clip right before she hops in the shower and another where she hovers to drop turdpeedos in the bowl!

Scatfest Returns! – Part 4

They whip my body until I’m helpless to do anything but eat their shit. They unload chunks of shit right into my mouth and then make me eat all of it.