Abused And Icap Pee

Lick The Piss From Our Shoes

Zazie and me have been outside, and our shoes are pretty dirty. So I tell her that it is no problem, I have a pathetic shoe cleaner just perfect for such dirty work. So I tell my shoe cleaner to get his tongue working on our soles. You know outside there is a lot of dog shit, piss and other disgusting things. So Princesses like us should not clean such a mess ourselves! The slave must clean both Zazie’s and my shoes for whatever filth and shit they contain!This should be a privileged job for a slave.. So close to Princess feet!But for me this is not humiliating enough! I want to really humiliate him more. So I just start pissing on the floor beside him, while he cleans Zazie’s shoes. When I am finished, I rub my shoes in the piss and have him lick it off.. I bet my shoes never tasted better than now! When I am satisfied, I have him zip whatever piss is left on the floor!

Slutty Mistress Makes Sugar Daddy Eat Her Shit! – Part 2

She drops her shit on his eager and willing mouth. She picks up the shit from his mouth then she feeds him her feces with her hands.

Hard Scat

162.3 Mistress Isabella with top slave Carlotta eating her shit.