Accedent Shit

Perverse Used By Craftsmen, In The Garden! Piss And Cum!

Was with the nice weather in the garden naked and horny again. A horde of craftsmen was working at the neighboring house. So I made them horny and it was not long and they used me dirty and perverse in the garden. Total 7 craftsmen then stuffed my mouth with their cocks, deep and dirty, so I had to puke and all filled me with cum and pee. They pissed me all in my mouth and pissed me full. Of course, I had to swallow everything. Then I had to blow their cocks clean. This of course did not stop. They held my head and missed my extreme throating. Until they had to cum and inject me their cum in my mouth and face! The sperm was running off my chin she carried with her fingers in my mouth!

Scat Caf’ At Your Service! Full Movie

Full movie non HD – WE ARE OPEN!!! Come on in and check out our SCAT CAFÉ.. Here you will be well served with your desire, whatever it is you like, it can be solid, slimy, squishy or fruity shit? We have it all, come by anytime and our beautiful and young servers are waiting for you! We don’t just serve shit, oh no… we also serve golden juice, freshly delivered from the urethra of our cute waitresses. Whether you deside to be serve on cutlery or directly into your hungry mouth is entirely up to you.

Matilda’s Epic Scat And Vomit Fun – Third Camera Footage

This is angle from third camera, nice one, but still if you want to get full impression from video… you would better get yourself original Matilda’s Epic Scat and Vomit Fun too!However there are a few good moments here.Well, this is very epic video we made only yesterday, with length more than half an hour so while downloading it you may feel almost fresh atmosphere of vomit, shit and my enthusiasm which I put into it.I have decided not to separate it into parts, because this is complete, harmonic masterpiece and separating it will be a crime against art and my sense of beauty.I have never had such experience on camera including pee, shit and vomit in one video, I have an idea also to try to do something like that when I will have periods, so the picture will be full, pee, shit, vomit.This time I have made my girlfriend to take part in video and help me. Well, see yourself, what happened from this.

User C The Last Turd

So my dear C, here she is, fresh shit, then packed immediately frozen until tomorrow everything is going on the trip … the last 3 servings. Have fun watching.