Accidently Fart

Keeping It Funky 2018 Vol. 2!!

As Promised, here is the 2nd collection of My Favorite FUNKY Ladies over the past year!! I know it’s hard to follow every single FUNKY lady, so why not see em all at once!! Lol or at least a whole bunch of them!Here’s 45 minutes worth of exclusives, unreleased, Most popular, and one’s you might have missed from Ladies you have been sleeping on! lol The site is LADIES Keeping it Funky, not LADY! LOL In an effort to give you plenty of bang for your buck, these are some of my most favorite scenes from my most favorite ladies!! I know some of y’all that despite the fact I have over probably 50 different models that have been featured on my store (I’m gonna have to look back at my archives, Even I have lost count! lol), Some one hit wonders, some One term contract wonders, and of course my regulars, then my down from day one ladies. Then my been here a year and took this site over ladies (I see your Smoking Redd and Goodness Grace!). Then there the “I love them, but I don’t know why the hell y’all don’t” Ladies too – meaning the ladies I personally love, but are criminally slept on my by customers. Then there’s the “Oh My god how did you get her to do this?!” crew too. Well I got them all on both volumes of these clips!!This volume, we are back with more of your Favorites!! Enjoy as Francesca Gabriella leads off with a brand new quick shart, Mary Jane follows up making a care package for a lucky fan (from her care package clip), Zelda Shows you her turtleheads before squatting over the bowl to unleash a nice load (from her Hole Stretching Snakes set), Diva Staxxx prepares some Halloween Goodies for a lucky fan, her own personal booty chocolate!! Goodness Grace is here with a brand new Stand up Routine, but ain’t nothing funny about what comes out her ass!! She had already just Dropped one Massive Turd right before this, but wasn’t done and dropped another of her HUGE logs on the sink!! This is unseen before action!! Malaysia shows how she was ready to take it to the next level this year in her Quick fast in a hurry all fours clip! She is definitely a True Rival to Goodness Grace for Turd Queen!! Not to be outdone by the two previous ladies, Renee enters her hat in the arena for Biggest Turds too!! This hot lil mama’s ass ain’t the only thing that’s gotten bigger in 2018!! One of my fave SBBW’s Josephina Drops a quick deuce reverse kanga style in a never seen before clip. We Close out the set with a bunch of big bangs as if the 1st 25 minutes weren’t enough!! Francesca returns again with an EXPLOSIVE Standing Poop that splattered all over the toilet and the floor – that pooper of hers has a mind of it’s own!! Then you know Im not gonna leave out who has become probably my top seller over the past year right? Come see why Smoking Redd has evolved into one of the best ever on Ladies Keeping it Funky, in the final half of her now legendary Suppository Story scene!! She puts on a exhibition of ASS and FUNKY relief like no other!! Not to be outdone by these young girls, I let some of my Most Mature FUNKY Ladies Show they hold a back seat to none!! First Geneva gets down and does her thing in the scene from her “Boots and Boo’s” video. Last But not Least are two of the more famous Asses and faces on this site as two of my favorite Big Booties of all times (and personal “I would give anything to see them take a shit”! Bucket List)! Sugar Hill is a vet on LKIF at this point, nearly four years of great content. She is here with a never before seen clip standing and bending over to spread and release a quick treat on her floor!! Last but not least is Hershey Rae!! This Six foot MILF with that Legendary Megabooty with the winking eye is back with a quick toilet clip never before seen!! Over a Dozen Scenes from 11 Different FUNKY Ladies!! Don’t Miss out on the chance to get all this new and previously seen by some clips all in one!! Over 45 Minutes of FUNKY EFRO and toilet action from my favorite Active FUNKY Ladies!! Oh and don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about All the Brand New Faces either, that’s coming Soon!!Length: 45:11s

No, I Wont Go To The Bathroom!

Reading a book on the sofa with my bladder full, but I am that lazy I wont go to the bath…I`d rather empty my bladder in my blue jeans, wetting the couch, making a puddle on it and on the floor! Feels sooo fucking good to stay with those wet jeans on till they dry on me! Oops..I got more to pee

Diarrhea During Presentation!

Today she will make a very important presentation to the CEO and she is extremely nervous, so nervous that her stomach is actually grumbling. There’s no time to go to the restroom so she ignores it and carries on with her presentation. Halfway through it, she felt her asshole about to release shit, so she doubles over on the table and tries to hide her discomfort from her audience. Shit creams all over her panties and she has to continue her presentation with scat all over her ass.


Hot baby is hot shitting in sexy jeans and teasing you with hot soles!