Accidentnal Shit

Woman Pisses And Feeds Slave With Pussy!

In this situation, a dominatrix is inside her dungeon where her two human slaves are restrained! Without wasting any time, she immediately begins tormenting them! One of the men is completely wrapped with restraints and secured to a contraption that turns his head into a human toilet! The lady sits on top of it and then urinates on his face! In the process, he gets some inside his mouth and nose, leaving him with no choice but to swallow her piss! When she could no longer release anymore, she directs her attention to her other slave! The guy who is also restrained and is lying on the floor gets fed with the dominatrixÂ’ pussy! The only time she gets off of him is when she gets satisfied with the experience!

Mistress Gaia – Human Toilet Training

This human toilet being needs to continue his training. After filling his bowl with my divine piss and letting him lick a little ‘, I will shit inside, creating a special cocktail of urine and shit. He will have to continue to drink and lick, while I, sitting comfortably, ignore him chatting and talking on a cell phone.

Slip Fetishist Pissed

A user with panties fetish visited me and would like to smell my panties. He can have that from me and I thought, if then right. I pull him a slip from me over his head, so he has exactly the pussy side on the nose, steepled me over him, so he can pad me directly on the pussy. I just pissed off and he also liked it, as if he already guessed that I’m doing that. Finally, he was allowed to lick me nice and clean. He can do that very well.

Ms Jenkins Has Lost Control….of Her Bowels!!!

Ms Jenkins is up to the same old same old?.That same old, same old being uncontrollable diarrhea exploding all over the place, farts so rotten you can smell them through the screen and non-stop pooping and pissing!! I swear the is no wasted time with this Funky Lady!! Enjoy another runny, farty, messy pooping adventure from one of my favorite asses!! That ass of hers delivers the type of loads you expect from something so phat and juicy!! Over 10 minutes or all killer, no filter adventures!!! She really needs to work on her aim!!!