African Shitting Toilet

Toilet Mania!

Total chaos in House Tempest!WWTF (World Wrestling Toilet Federation) proudly presents:ToiletMania!Devoted Sub decided he is tired of taking orders from his owner Goddess Tempest and being her toilet so he challenge her to a “No Holds Barred” match for the “World Heavyweight House Tempest Title”The holder of this title is the ruler of House Tempest and controls the entire dungeon. The cocky Devoted Sub start things off by showing utter disrespect towards the current champion Goddess Tempest by saying:“Goddess Tempest PRETENDS to be a leader, she PRETENDS to run this dungeon but let me let you in on a little secret. She can’t! She will NEVER accept my challenge!”In the next scene the current champion Goddess Tempest address this cocky slave in a fierce “stare down” as she tells him:“I ACCEPT!”In this match ANYTHING goes, closed fist blows, kicks, choke slams, hell’s gate submission holds etc…Will the Reigning Champ Goddess Tempest be able to win this match and hold on her title? Will she be able to beat the much bigger Devoted Sub outweighing her by nearly 100lbs? Or will she lose the match and will Devoted Sub become the new owner of House Tempest? The loser will have to lick the winner’s sweaty smelly asshole and eat the winner’s shit. By accepting this challenge from Devoted Sub, Goddess Tempest puts the fate & future of not only herself but also House Tempest on the line.Goddess Tempest: 5’4 (1.63m) 106lbsVSDevoted Sub: 6’1 (1.85m) 200lbsTHERE CAN BE ONLY ONE WINNER!Results:Goddess Tempest Def Devoted Sub (1-0)Since I won the match and remain in control of House Tempest as well as my human toilet slave I’ve been experimenting with different foods the past four days and changed my diet over the last 24 hours. This helped me to produce massive turds with a creamy texture yesterday. Bonus? It had the most horrible smell and tasted even worse hahahaTo give you an idea, the turds I pushed out were extremely long and very solid with the most smooth surface I have ever seen. Pushing this massive load out felt so good it was almost painful. The video ended up being 18 minutes long as I didn’t bring in any cuts during Devoted Sub’s swallowing action. Camera angle was PERFECT in he was in frame the entire time swallowing each turd, bite for bite. He had to chew a LOT because they were so solid and smooth. I gave him NOTHING to wash it down with because he deserved to SUFFER! I even masturbated in the background because it was insanely arousing! He truly suffered and this was by far his toughest challenge in the near 16 years he’s been eating my shit. The sweat LITERALLY ran down his face into his eyes to get all those horrible tasting turds down. The last one I shoved into his mouth, clenched his neck between my legs and held my hands firmly over his mouth, getting highly aroused by his intense suffering.He had to lick my ass clean afterwards and just to make sure he got the message once and for all I pushed out the last little bit of shit while he was trying to lick my ass clean. That will teach him!Toilet Mania was by far my slave’s toughest challenge yet. This is the biggest bowel movement of mine ever for a video production and by far the toughest for him to swallow it all in full view for you without any cuts during that scene. You like watching someone suffer eating a beautiful woman’s ENTIRE and MASSIVE bowel movement? Then this video is a MUST!#scat #toiletslavery

Piss And More Piss!!!

Come watch me empty my bladder in a collection of 7 clips, one of them is at Olive Garden Restaurant…so sexy!!!

Ms. D’s Farts, Sharts, And Bubbleguts!!

Ms D returns with a nice set of clips!! Enjoy as she brings a few clips lounging around her house farting, then she takes it to the next level with a nice shart session in her bathroom at home. Then in the final two scenes, enjoy as those sharts turn to solids, then from solids into the Bubbleguts in the finale!! A great set of farting, pooting, sharting, and [email protected]@!!!

Piss Swallow -emese-edina-maria-mary-tatjana-adam

Great Peemovie with lot of pee on each other and real good acteurs.