African Women Pee

Breakfast For You

Fresh and hot smelly sausage from my sweet asshole for you. Sausage in a sauce of my a pee after breakfast.

Adelina Frau – Live Toilet

I love to shit in slave mouths! In this video there is a live toilet, which I use for his purpose. It’s eating my shit! I shit him directly in the mouth, stuff everything inside. Nasty smell in his mouth spreads to his nose. He loves it so much. Afterwards I just sit on his face with my big shitty ass. He must swallow all my shit, otherwise he will suffocate …

A Mysterious Package For My Slave

Today I will show you how to create a mysterious package ready to be sent to my favorite slave. I’m dressed in a lace corset and a transparent latex skirt. I start with humiliating you .. I know you spend all the money for this, that you do not have anything at home … you will have a new piece for your private collection of girls poo… loser…

Mistress Roberta -smothering The Shit With My Ass-pov

Today i shit on the massage table not before sitting in a big lake of pee i just made and after i finish pooping i smother the shit with my ass and i become very dirty on my ass with all the shit you need to lick it clean as fast as you can so after you can eat your breakfast .