Agging On Poop

Public Toilet Defecation!

While on her way to work, this sweetheart’s stomach started acting up! She tries to hold it in, but when she could no longer resist, she proceeds to find the nearest toilet at her disposal! Luckily, there is a public comfort room nearby! So, she gets inside and then strips off her clothes! As soon as she is rendered completely naked, she squats on the toilet and then releases everything that her aching stomach can! At the end, she manages to release a couple of good chunks!

Brown Gold

My lactose intolerance is something I love to use against you.I had some high fiber oatmeal with half and half and two full glasses of milk. Boy oh boy, It did not take long. The clips starts with the onset of some fucking nasty potent farts that would make your eyes red. I quickly realize that these farts are just the closing gap between my asshole and the contents of my guts. I hurry to the toilet so that I don’t make an unplanned mess, but that’s no fun so, i get comfy on the bathroom floor and just let my shit roll out of me… around a liter of shit spills all over the floor. there was a calming of my bowels afterwards until i started developing some gas again, I go ahead and let it rip but more of that slimy diarrhea fills up my panties.Wish you could experience this!

Incl Wiping And Removing

Normal going on also, I sit naked on the toilet seat and poop, Pee and wipe off nicely: 🙂 Then I keep so the camera in the Klo.Bleibt friends when removing some hang 🙂

Southern Pride Under Mistress Mystique’s Shit

My Superior Black ass will mesmerize your southern pride right out of your dumb racist ass. This boy came to Me, white hood in hand, begging for Me to place My powerful Black ass over his hooded white face and forever keep him in his place.