Aggy Pregnant Shit

Mistress Gaia – The Hottest Video Ever Seen

In this video, I will make you understand all the wonderful qualities of my magnificent shit. You will understand how extraordinary it may be, so soft, so fragrant, so exquisitely tasty … so the next time you taste it, you’ll be even more aware of just how lucky you are!!!.

Shit And Vomit Mix For The Looser P1 Hd Version

The slave has already fetched his degrading painting from the Scatqueens. Now he is on his knees and both ladies spit in his mouth. Then he can watch Lady Kimi pissing in two cups, and shortly thereafter he holds the warm piss in his hands and is spit in his face.

Shit & Piss On The Floor

Erica has to pee not expecting a scat attack with the stream of urine!

Ridden And Peed On

We ride on a slave through the property. Livestock needs to be treated well and some rides help to keep them healthy. As a little strengthening he gets some pee from us to drink and is allowed to eat some grass, before we continue our ride.