Airy Shit Cat

Underneath My Toilet Chair

Order:I want the whole video filmed from underneath you in the toilet chair.I want you to place the camera straight underneat your toilet chair filming upwards with the lid of the toilet closed.Then enter the room in a bra and nice skinny jeans and g-string,open the toilet, look down at the camera for a couple of seconds, laugh and say ooh… what are you doing down there? Well… good luck down there little man….Then you turn around and slowly pull your pants down,showing your ass in the g-string teasing for a little while over the toilet Then pull the g-string down and sit down on the toilet. Then just fart,pee, poop as much as you can. Say how are you doing down there little man? And laugh. keep your thighs close together and pee while you fart loud and poop.Then wipe your butt and pussy while sitting on the toilet, throw the papers inside as you wipe. then slowly stand up and look inside while laughing silently and smiling at the camera and then say something like ooh.. look at you.. poor man.. what a mess Laugh loud and close the toilet.

After Workout Dump Mp4

Thai Michelle morning workout and after workout meal give her the shits. She drops some after workout chocolate in the toilet for you to enjoy. This video has some nice booty teasing and nice close ups of her big booty and the aftermath left in the toilet before she flushes.

Poop And Shower From Hell With Britany And Chrystal

This Movie is particular cruel. First the Girls stick this Metal Plate in the Mans Mouth, so he cannot close it. This makes sure the Poop goes directly into his Throat and then they take a Shower over him, One stands on his Face showering and the other one on his Chest. The breathing Part remains his Problem. English Subtitles