Aisin Shit Pirn

Slave Pig Eats Shit And Drinks Piss

Miss Cherie has to poop, she sits comfortably on the toilet chair and shits in a bowl, which the slave holds under her butt. After she has relieved herself, she commands the slave to eat everything that is in the bowl.Disgusted eats the slave pig slowly a pair of bite to it Miss Cherie takes too long. She stuffs the shit in his mouth and helps him to swallow, then Miss Jane pees in his mouth. Somehow the Sub has all choked down and gets a reward in form of some lashes with the whip. He will swallow next time even faster.

Gloria And Julia First Time

Both girls are completely new to it, but curiosity got the better of them, so I just had to use this guy’s hair at least once. HD English subtitles

Shitty Sandwich – Full Length In 50 Min

The story: Joe visits it Mistress Violett. Was late, gets a punishment for this. Violett gives some slaps, jerks the dresses from a man. Some reach into it with fingers for the man ass, then fucks strapon. The crappy strapon is needed licks the man. The man lies the floor and Violett pees into him for him into a mouth. After it his fingers screws it for a man his ass crappy, and Joe is needed pugilism Violett pussy. Joe pees into him Violett into a pussy when he lies, next shits for him pussy. It is necessary to eat the shit Joe from the pussy. Violett holds some winds breads, a small tray makes it and does not give a damn about the breads. A fork stains, sticks breads and Joe are needed to eat crappy sandwich. The residual shit is needed to lick Joe from the floor.Sample screenshoots, click to enlarging: Custom orders from Violett: