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Stepmother Is Hungry For Piss And Cum!

Despite still early in the morning, a woman is already craving for dick! However, with her husband out for work, she is left to settle with her stepson who is still in the middle of his sleep! Without hesitation, she barges inside his room and takes off his pants! Then, with one hand holding a pitcher and the other tickling his cock, she is able to make him piss without him knowing it! Once she is done collecting every drop of urine, she starts drinking! It doesnÂ’t take long for the container to get empty, as a result, she is still wanting more! So, she grabs his penis and begins giving it a massage, causing him to get a hard erection! Shortly after, she serves it inside her mouth and sucks as best as she can, only stopping when she manages to make him cum!

Husband Showered With Pee & Puke! – Part 2

She pushes his face down on the puddle of pee and puke and drowns his face on it. Afterwards, she makes him drink the additional piss and pee gathered in her container and makes sure he consumes all of it.

Endless Shit Spiced With Corn Kernels (full Hd)

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