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Eat My Creamy Shit

I tie slave’s hands behind his back and order him to kneel on the floor. I sit on a comfortable chair in front of him and make him smell, lick and worship my dirty feet. Then I tell my slave to lie on the floor and use his mouth as a personal toilet. And I take a large creamy shit in his mouth and make him chew and swallow every drop. I humiliate him verbally throughout the clip and remind him how lucky he is to serve such a beautiful goddess.

Shit On Lesbians4

I shit on the body of a friend. Now we caress each other and lubricate the shit on the bodies. my girlfriend opened her legs wide and I fuck her with a vibrator. it really inspires us.

Jeans And Boots And Pee

Sophia went out for the day but forgot to take her camera with her. As a result, she’s saved up her pee until she gets home so she can make a wee video for you. In addition to watching her pull down her jeans and thong to sit on the toilet, you’ll also get to see the goosebumps on her cold bum which she proudly shows off. Sophia was getting ready for her holiday in Brazil and did squats to make her booty a little bigger. What do you think? Was the extra effort worth it?