Am Girl Eath Shit

2 Mistresses Ashtray And Scat Feeding

Again a nice movie with 2 kinky Goddesses, each of them with a different style of humiliation, from using slave as human ashtray till using as full toilet ! Great scat action and smoking.

Crapping On The Bench

Crapping on the bench. Wonderful evening. Girls are in a very good mood. They decided to relax and play billiards. Before that, they were in a restaurant and had a hearty lunch. They knew that they wanted to go to the toilet in the evening. But they have become accustomed to the fact that they do not use an ordinary toilet. They have a slave who plays the role of a toilet. And so they took him with them.Having played enough in billiards, girls decided to have fun with a slave. He should take care of the feet of the Mistresses.And then he must fulfill his main mission. The mission for which the girls took him to the club. He should be their toilet, take the shit of each of the girls and eat it completely. Food from restaurant, taken from a girl’s ass, is the best pleasure for a slave.

129. Pov – Toilet Curse

I bring you home after a first date and magic you. Now you cant speak you almost can’t move, but one thing you can – OBEY. Suddenly I feel belly movement and decide to curse you into a toilet! My human toilet hahahahahahaha! Now you become a furniture! You cant speak you cant run… You can eat and drink but only my shit and piss! This is your fate haha. You don’t deserve to be with a woman like me! You can be only my toilet!

Fistmypussy + Shittyboots

Stunning new video, even dirtier than usual, more fetish, more extreme!) I shit in high heels, lick shit and smear on the face, then I Fisting my pussy, it was unforgettable!) HUGE duration, NO weird editing, NO SOUNDTRACK, only the sounds of what is happening!) The idea for the video is offered to the user of the website) Thank you!) Stay connected, order a new video!) Love you guys see you soon!)