Amateur Bw Squirting Piss

Cute Poo 2

The cute American girl back with a short but sweet video. She sits reverse on the toilet slightly raised and takes a nice, healthy shit.

Nasty Ball And Pee Torture

First torture, then pee I had planned for my slave today. And where do you torment him most? Of course, on the genitals *smile*.Electric power, that feels like pinpricks, is applied to the glans, we bring the fixed Loser to whine, then we beat his proposed balls. What a fun, our victim screams under this torture.Then we piss in his mouth several times and he swallows the entire pee from me and Miss Cherie. Because it was so funny, we give him a painful ballbusting addition. I call something like: Pissing with Fun *smile*.

Riding A Shit

I’m out on a bike ride when I need to shit so badly. I do it right there in my skinny jeans, you see them bulge as a HUGE shitty load drops into them. I carry on riding my bike, squashing the mess all over myself. Once I get home things get even more dirty!