Amateur Face Pissaction

Nikki Short Pee

Just another short pee clip in the break of the shooting.

Woman Accidentally Poops In The Living Room! – Part 2

When the man gets contented of the sweetheartÂ’s feet, he proceeds to take off her lower garments to get himself unobstructed access to her pussy and then begin eating it! When he gets contented of it, he directs his attention to her asshole and then begins anally finger fucking her! Shortly after, he performs an enema! However, she apparently canÂ’t hold it in, consequently defecating on the floor! Not wanting to incur additional charges on the room rental, the guy immediately picks the feces in the pursuit to clean up the mess! Though, what he ended up having are two hands completely covered in poop!

Turds From Heaven

I had the bright idea to try and test my aim trying to poop onto a plate from the top banister of my loft. The attempt was EPIC ~ the execution left something to clean up!!! It was really fun making this video even though it is shorter. It was one of the more fun things I have done in the last week! We got a huge laugh out of the whole thing!!! I hope you all enjoy the fun we have in this video.