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Sakura’s Stinky Surprise!

Sakura didn’t like taking dumps, because her shits were hard and huge, and hurt her anus. She sat nervously as she felt the shaking waves in her belly. She knew it was going to be hard and huge again today. Her face was twisted slightly from the effort, and she pushed hard until the hard, brown head peeked from her tiny hole slightly. She smelled today’s turd and thought it was stinky and nasty, because she had eaten lots of yogurt the previous day. The turd was so hard it made a loud thud on the surface of the toilet, and the smell got worse when she pinched off the first chunk. The ones last in line were overpowering, and she was shocked that her innards could produce such filthy smells even if she shat every day. Wiping her crinkled butter factory, she curiously smelled the shit streaks on the tissue and felt unusually comforted by the smell. She liked the smell.

Filled From The Source

My slave is lying on the floor instead of my toilet. I do not need a real toilet that today. Because he will be my toilet. His has to catch everything with his mouth and to eat it completely. First, I’m still dressed in panties. Then I take off them and repeat the whole procedure only without panties. The pleasure for my slaves is increasing. Finally, I press my huge ass right on his face. He is allowed to push his tongue deep into my ass. Then he gets the command to open his mouth wide. I shit a big load right into his open mouth. He does his job quite well. Almost everything disappears in his mouth. To not get the idea to spit something I press him my ass again on his mouth. I know it’s cruel. There is no mercy here. I am a Mistress and you are my toilet. Just remember!

Deep Sleeper!!! Part 1

Part 1 – Stripping my wife off her clothes while she’s sleeping, groping her, touching and licking her ass is an absolute turn on for me!

During Cleaning, From The Conductor Pissing!

Was just cleaning and of course I was, as always, dressed slutty doing, that is in a super short dress, the ass only half covered, of course without panties and with extreme heels. You can never know whether a couple of horny cocks in the stairwell are traveling and I want me not to be missed ! So when I was on the circuit I had to pee, I simply pissed from the conductor. Had the ground anyway still cleaning and so I save the wash water!