Amateur Lesbian Piss

Treatment With Piss And Shit

Today I have the ill patient, and today I will make it my toilet. Having studied the behavior of ill patient, I give him his diagnosis. He needs compulsory treatment with my Pee and Shit. I feed him with my piss and shit. Now he will get better, I think…

My Toilet Slut – Hd 1920×1080

I slept and woke up because I wanted to shit. Nearby on the floor lay my toilet slave, I was too lazy to get up and go to the toilet. I decided that the poop in the slave’s mouth. I sat down on the couch so that shit fell directly into the mouth. Then I brushed my asshole with toilet paper and covered slave’s mouth. Now I can continue to sleep. Toilet slut will lie down in case I again want to use the toilet.

Pooping At My In Laws Place And Blocking The Toilet

I am at my in laws place and I have to go for number 2. My in laws and my boyfriend are talking in the other room. The house is very tiny so I have no intimacy and I don’t feel very confortable. I am constipated again, my waste it’s very hard to pass. You can see my face while I push to get my shit out. I finally expulse 2 hard logs. I take the camera to show you inside the toilet bowl and zoom on my poop. I wipe my crotch and ass, flush the toilet and wash my hands. I look into the toilet bowl… it has not flushed correctly, there is still one log left. I flush again… Oh no, did I blocked the toilet? This is so embarassing! Since the house is isolated deep in the woods of Canada, there is no water pressure. I try to break the remaining log in pieces with my hand… eeew! Flush again… Take a rubber plunger. After a while I manage to flush everything! What a relief! The bowl is dirty so I clean it with paper, then a toilet brush. I flush again. Blow my nose and I am finally done.

Humiliating My Scat Bitch!!!

It’s that time again for me to treat my Toilet Slave like the nasty little scat bitch that he is! Or should I say mistreat…LOL Anyway I shit in his filthy little mouth and even though he tried to spit it out I shove the turds back into his dirty mouth and make sure he eats my delicious poop. While he’s laying there with a mouthful of my shit, I stand over him and push my shit-covered foot down his throat! Oh it felt so good humiliating my Slave 😉