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Sweetheart Victimized: Pussy Eating, Feces Smearing, And Cum Swallowing! – Full Movie

During a night of heavy raining, a man receives a knock on his door. It is a lady who is stranded and needs a place to stay. Without hesitation, he lets her in, prepares her a meal, and even has her stay for the night! However, he isn’t doing this out of pure kindness, instead, he has something in mind for the unsuspecting sweetheart! While she is in the middle of taking a bath, he feasts on her used underwear by sniffing it and burying his face all over them! Eventually, as soon as she is asleep, he ties her hands and blindfolds her eyes! He then takes off her lower garment and begins dragging his face all over her legs and crotch! By the time he starts wanting more, he removes her panties and pleasures her using both his fingers and mouth! Because of this, it doesn’t take long before the lady wakes up and tries to resist, but there is nothing that she can do! By the time the culprit gets bored, he unties the sweetheart and has her defecate on the bed! He then smears it all over his face, as well as on hers, before bending her over and licking her asshole clean! Eventually, he performs his finale which is having her suck and stroke his cock until he reaches orgasm! To make things worse, he shoots his load inside her mouth, leaving her with no choice but to swallow!

The Man’s Slave! Part 1 Movie

PART 1 MOVIE – Female slave is locked up inside his house, she is not allowed out!! She is not given any priveledges like a normal woman. She is a worthless piece of tool. HIS HUMAN TOILET!! This is what she is for. This is why she exists and she knows it too!

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