Amateur Outdoor Piss

Sucked The Shit Covered Dick

I shit my husband on the tail this time it is very thick and can hardly be spread on the tail. This time I wanted to go one step further and blow the tail

Billie’s Titties And Shitting!!

Billie Austin is back! Enjoy as she is giving you both those awesome 42H mega tits and some equally big shits to match!! Enjoy as she shows off her lovely Funbags right before plopping down to take two big morning dumps. Enjoy as she describes what she ate while doing her sexy straining and shimmy routine! She?s also in the process of moving. Seems her old place is tied into a septic system. The septic system is having an issue. Enjoy as she describes in humor that ?she is leaving more shit for her landlord to deal with ? literally!!!? With the loads Billie has been shitting out, no wonder that thing is having issues!! The first clip is a nice solid dump and the second is a diarrhea mudslide!! Billie?s clips are always action packed and if you love to see your women butt ass nekkid like I do then this is the one for you!! Double the tits, double the shits!!

Goddess Serves Her Domestic Slave Sweet Shit

We are given the chance to see the inside of the living room of a mistress goddess where her primary method of control is scatology. The living room appears much like many across the world except her carpet is covered with plastic to avoid any damage to her carpet and to make sure her domestic slave in training has a nice smooth surface to eat his feed off. She squats over him and delivers chunks of shit onto the her slaves face and into his mouth. He is still in training and allows some shit to drop on the floor. On hands and knees he feeds on the golden nuggets in much the same way as a dog would feed from a bowl. He is a dog to his goddess mistress and he, like every faithful dog obeys her every command.

Softer Faster Scared

I came out of the ass shot … delicious soft chocolate