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Mistress Gaia – Tasty Toothpaste

CUSTOM REQUEST – Your house slave has worked quite well and so you decided to allow him a feast. Your slave is tied to a chair and blindfold. Next you urinate and defecate into a dog bowl. You put this dog bowl on the table in front of the slave. You grab him by his head/hair and push his head deep towards the dog bowl and order him to smell his feast. Then you start feeding the slave, you’re standing sideways behind him and take a spoon and start to feed him your caviar while firmly grabbing his head/hair. You don’t go easy on him (kind of feeding) with the feeding and demand proper chewing and swallowing. In-between you allow him to drink your champagne with a straw out of the bowl as well, but you also spit him into his mouth or into the caviar. When just a small amount of your caviar is left, you untie one of his hands and you give him toothbrush and demand that he puts the caviar on the bristles and brush his teethes with your caviar while you laugh at him. At the end he had to drink the remains of your champagne directly from the bowl like a dog.

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Sucking cock is usually an easy task for this chick. She can take on even very large cocks including very large balls! She can hold her own against the best pros in the business! But one time she was with a client, her stomach decides to make some trouble. While she was busy with a cock in her mouth, wet shit spurts out of her asshole and spreads all over her panties!

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