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For a change I get the chance to stand behind the camera and seeing toilet slavery between other people. It was time for me to throw my toilet slave into the deep end by getting him his very own female toilet slave and putting him in the dominant role. Do not worry, Devoted Sub will always be my toilet but we are expanding our horizons in the “House Of Tempest” When my slave use a female slave he is referred to as “Stinky Steve”So I got him his very own female toilet slave for my video productions. And not just any girl, only the best. Her name is Clarissa and she is a BEAUTIFUL 25 year old girl. This is her journey towards self discovery and now learning the wonderful kink world of scat. She has NEVER licked ass before and NEVER had shit near her body. She is however a very curious girl with the “Will try everything once” outlook on life. She is also a very submissive type of girl.We start off by making her own the honor of worshipping his ass by massaging his very smelly feet first for a short while. She really massaged them well as she was eager to see what a very smelly shit hole will smell and taste like. I have seen many girls learning to cope with the smell for video productions but it’s the first time I met a girl LOVING it! As she inhaled the very ripe smell of his hairy, stinky shit hole she got excited. Now it was time for her to taste it for the first time in her life.The girl was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. His shit hole haven’t been in contact with soap and water for over 6 days and was so ripe we all could smell it when he took his pants off. As you will see for yourself this girl washed every smelly wrinkle of his shithole like a champion in different positions.She has a tongue like a giraffe and she used it on his hairy, stinking shithole like a pro. This very nervous and very shy girl LOVED every second of it. As he finally sat down on her open mouth she tongue fucked his shithole while inhaling the strong ass smell of his ass crack and she didn’t flinch once! She kept going and he could feel she is working a massive shit loose down there.He got into position to take a shit on her and she did tense up a little from fear and excitement. However, as he started to take a MASSIVE shit on her chest between her perfect breasts she actually started to giggle. The extreme stench of his massive shit filled her nostrils and I noticed her little nipples becoming rock hard. This girl was ENJOYING this treatment! What I really liked was the fact that he ate and swallowed MY shit twice in the past two days meaning that massive shit he took between her breasts was about 50% mine. Half of that shit he took on her was MY shit he ate before so she had the honor of having a pile of shit on her chest that passed through both our bodies :-)He tested the waters by not following the scrips completely so he wiped his very messy asshole. He showed her the toilet paper covered in a thick, soft shit smear and brought it closer to her face. She looked very nervous but she didn’t stop him as he pushed that shit smeared toilet paper right onto her beautiful, young lips. The idea was to see if she was going to be able to hold a few seconds like this as we stopped the camera. To our massive surprise she started playing with his massive pile of shit as her other hand undid the button of her jeans and she started to masturbate. We started the camera again to film her enjoying her new erotic pleasure. Eventually we stopped the camera again to see what she would do. She kept going, confused by her intense arousal over this as she reached 3 more orgasms soaking her jeans.This girl discovered a very confusing, dirty pleasure within herself and we look forward to help her explore this further. Welcome Clarissa! This video is a MUST watch if you like to see a young girl being trained by a man to become his toilet. NOT acted, she really is new to this fetish (I have trained several over the years) so this is your chance to not only see a man training a girl to enjoy his shit but also to see a young girl on her journey being trained for these productions AND LOVING it!

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