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Ms D Classics!! Pt !

Enjoy some Classic Blast N Splashes from one of my Original FUNKY Ladies!! Ms D has been here damn near since day one. She was probably the very second model I ever recruited to the site. She also introduced me to many of your other favorites as well. Enjoy this 21 minute set of some of her very first clips!! She may have been shy in front the camera, but the sounds coming out her body were far from that!! Loved her facial expressions as she grunts and groans and strains out her farts and dumps. A nice mix of the old before we hit you with the new!! Now get all the classics for one low price!

Pretty Girl Shits In Exchange For Cash – Full Movie

She is in dire need of cash and she will do anything to get it. She goes to a client who is willing to pay decent money in exchange for bodily fluids and waste. With nothing to lose, she submits to an interview, which requires her to take her clothes off and let the client inspect her. She takes off her bra and flashes them her tits then takes off her panties and shows them her cunt.

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