Amateur Poop On Face

Dominatrix Repeatedly Urinating Inside Man’s Mouth! – Full Movie

When this guy didn’t pay too much attention to his surroundings on his way home, he ends up being in the clutches of a dominatrix who then drags him inside her home! Before he could do anything, she throws him on the floor and then sits on his face to feed him with her pussy! From time-to-time, she would change positions, but the goal is the same, to smother him with her crotch! Though, this is still the beginning! Eventually, she suddenly urinates inside his mouth, consequently causing him to gulp down a couple of mouthfuls of her piss! While she is doing this, she takes off her clothes, rendering her completely naked! When she couldn’t release anymore, she continues feeding him with her vagina until her bladder is refilled! By then, she pisses on his face and makes him gulp down her urine again!

Mistress Michelle Mouthfull P1

The toilet slave of Mistress Michelle has the honor today, te be with Mistress Michelle at the bathroom while she take a bath. But first of all he gets painful face slaps from Mistress Michelle. Then she is peeing in his mouth. After that he he has to be a doormat for her, and then be the trash for her pubic hair.

Mistress Gaia – Fresh Salad Topped

Back home after a day’s work, your Mistress is not at all happy with the lunch that you have prepared for Her. In particular, the salad is literally uneatable! But nothing can be lost: now She will take care of prepare the salad as it must be and, this time, you will be the one who will eat it!