Amateur Pooping In Public

Trapped And Desperate

Scene 1: TS Lycha is inexplicably trapped in a room with only a shower and has to go. She finally relieves herself, pissing on herself and then shitting some. She smears her nasty shit on herself and plays in it.Scene 2: Lycha’s in the mood to play with poop. She pees a bunch in a cup and drinks it, then swallow a little poop. She knows she has more pooping to do, so she takes a smoking break outside (there’s a little fart in there too). Eventually, she needs to finish crapping, so she squats over the toilet in boots and drops a few nice turds. She eagerly tastes them and smooshes them in her hand.

Shizuka At Home

A nice poop while standing! (Portrait Mode: 1080×1920)

Food For Slave Part 1

Food for slave, salade de Maîtresse Part 1

Toiletslave Needed

2 Girls see a Man from their Car and tell him to be their Toilet. One of our more successfull Movies with Gabi and Thalia in high Definition and english Subtitles