Amazing Pee Hole

Big Build Up, Big Shit

I walk into the room, pull my jeans and panties down around my ankles and lie on my side in a kind of spooning position. I tell you that I really need to take a big shit, i’ve been holding it for almost 2 days. I take a pen and slowly slide it in my ass. I let it sit there for a minute, telling you I can feel the shit building up around it, then I start playing with it, twisting it and sliding it in and out. I grab a magazine and read for a couple of minutes while absent-mindedly playing with the pen and telling you how badly I need to shit. I tell you i’m trying to hold it for as long as I can. I turn onto my back so that i’m in the missionary position and take my pants off my ankles so i’m completely naked. I put my legs in the air and play with the pen a little more. Then, I remove it. I moan as it slides out, knowing how close I am to letting the shit out too. I groundhog/prairie dog/turtle the shit (letting it peek out then sucking it back in again) for a while, telling you that I can feel the shit building up but I can’t let it out yet. I hold it until I just can’t hold it anymore, then a nice big log comes out, coiling itself into a perfect spiral under my ass. I moan with relief and pleasure as it finally comes out. I wipe around my butt, smearing the skidmarks all over my porcelain skin, then stick the pen back in and play with it for a second. Then I pull it out and show you the filthy tip before kissing you goodbye.

Billie Austin’s Backward Bombs!!

Enjoy as Billie Austin XXX once again wreaks havoc on her own bowl!! You just know her big ass left all kinds of marks in that bowl!! Enjoy as she once again goes backward, displaying her nice artwork and GPS action!

Matilda’s Eternal Desires – Second Camera Raw Footage

This is footage from second camera.Hello people, today we are going to present you our new video.When I think about my eternal desires of making sex ? there is always image of me and my partner covered completely, making sex for several hours, waiting until shit becomes dry and make sex and shit again in endless chain of desires.I want to play with my ass hole, want to play with my vomit, want to piss, to shit with my vomit, and to make dirty conversation during it.My only problem there is always not enough shit for me, shit I could play with, smear my body, eat and throw back to my ass for shitting again. So in this vide I have played with my vomit and shit very well.See yourself.Kisses.MatildaPS: Sorry, clip is very dark

Human Toilet Bowl Locked Part 6 Britany

Here the Girls want to go to a Party and seem to argue over their Makeup. Maybe they don’t even see the Slave in the Toilet and just Poop into him, close the Led until somebody else uses it. Part 6 with Briyany pushing her Dump in his Mouth . English Subtitles