Amber Star Farting

Piss, Shit And Cum In The Bathtub

Piss, shit and cum in the bathtub (JJ000350)

Beatrix Hot Shit!!

What a beautie and what a hot turd comes out of that sweet ass!!

Slave Gets Fed Special Pee-scat Recipe! – Full Movie

My slave is in for a real treat tonight. I made a special bowl made of piss and sticky shit. I put the watery concoction in a pitcher and make him drink from it! I make him drink all the pee-shit drink he can handle, that good boy!

Mouth Wide Open Toilet Slave Awaits!

As you know my toilet slave is always ready for me to give him my sweet piss or my stinky shit, here as always he wants to please me. He awaits my deposit with his mouth wide open. I took a piss and he cleans me up.