An Drinking Piss

Mistress Andreea And Nicolle Use Toilet Slave In Attic Part 2

Goddess Andreea call another toilet slave today to humiliate him with her friend, Mistress Nicolle. In this movie, they order him to go upstairs in the attic and prepare for worst ! Mistresses order him to suck their strapons, to lick and suck their high heels and to worship their bodies ! A nice pissing scene in this part, where both Mistresses piss in a jar and put their piss on his body, cock, face and order him to lick it from floor. The toilet scene was recorded by a cameraman. This is part 2

Caged Slave Gets A Taste Of Shit!

It’s not enough for this nasty lady to put her slave in a cage, oh no. She needs to have him taste her bodily fluids and wastes, most especially her shit! So she shoves her pretty ass on his face so he has no choice but to do her bidding. He obediently licks her cunt and asshole; after a few minutes, he can taste the beginnings of wet shit slowly leaking out of her asshole!

Smearing And Playing In Bed

I got a new lingerie set, so what better way to show it off than by making a clip for you!Shitting on film makes me so horny. This time i put my shit in a condom and then stuff it inside my pussy. I love smearing it all over myself and then making myself cum, oops i got some in my pussy!*This is the shorter version and does not include the smokng fetish segment at the end of the clip