An Poops In Womans Mouth

It Is Very Smelly Girl

It is very smelly girl. Her shit has a smell and taste more harsh and sweet than Christina’s shit and its much harder to swallow, but it’s very tasty! In the process of shooting, the toilet seat could not stand its weight and broke – it was ridiculous! In the shit of Yana, there were a lot of undigested nuts, which crunched loudly in my mouth.

New Girl Yana In My Studio! 26 Years Old, Breast – 3, Height 176 Cm

New girl Yana in my studio! 26 years old, breast – 3, height 176 cm.Congratulate me – I have a new, tall girl with chic shapes! Tomorrow we go to take tests and if she does not get sick I will serve her as a toilet! The smell of her shit is completely different than that of Christina, he is stronger, sharp and sweet. It’s hard to describe this smell, but it’s completely new to me! She said she shit every day, in the morning and sometimes after dinner, but promised to suffer and shit only when we meet.

First Pantypoop Was An Epic One: Sale

I was making a pair of pooped panties for someone to pick up and thought, hey, maybe I should film this! ———————————————————–Unfortunately I thought this right at the last second so REALLY had to shit as I was setting up the camera and very nearly didn’t make it! I was SO relieved when it finally came out and creamily filled up my panties. —————————————————-I chat for a bit at the beginning then turn around so you can watch it happen! I lit you take a peek into the panties and show off the explosion of shit that got pushed up against my ass in the process. You KNOW I had fun making this one by how creamy my pussy is ;D 

Lesbians Scatology Experiment – For Fast Download

These two room mates, lesbians are trying out new technique of making out. This time they are trying scatology technique where she went looking for her girlfriend and found her in the bathroom having a shit she told her she wants to make out with her but do not wipe her ass as she wants to lick it dirty, in the bedroom she started licking her girlfriend’s dirty ass hole. She then got a plate and told her to take more shit on it and she did too. They both shit on the plate. After shitting they smell their shit and it smell bad, but then they continue their experiment, she fed her girlfriend with her own shit and she chew it. Then start kissing, this scatology experiment is growing in both of them so they continue making out. *** for fast download only *** Special discount