An Taking A Shit Balls Shit

Submissive Slut !: I Had To Serve As A Living Toilet For A Group Of Men!

Here, the first 4 men used me as a living toilet and pissed me, in my mouth, face, on my body and in my eyes. More horny and kinky piss-clips of my extreme mass use follow!

P – Lsmw – 2 Clips – Drink All Our Pee – Mix – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 21:28. This is mix of 2 clips about peeing and toilet slavery. Toiletman must drink all pee from Sylvia and Veronica.

Clean This Shit Off My Feet

Tune in and listen to Mistress Raw Desires degrades you about eating shit. She takes the soft white tissue and rubs it between her toes. She wishes there was a slave to lick her toes clean. Tune in if you watched the other two clips this is a nice finish.