Ana Pooping On Bed

Fresh Pasta With Shit

My slave is having a very special Breakfast today. I made him macaroni in shit today. He ate the shit out of my ass, and now I’m gonna make him a special meal. Soft crackling shit curls up on top of pasta, smells great! Come on, my shit-eater, it’s all for you, your Mistress tried. Open your shitty mouth like this! Time after time, more and more shit is swallowing your belly. You eat a lot more before Breakfast is over! Pour the pasta with the ketchup shit, what a wonderful flavor! Chew, swallow, stay focused! Today you eat my shit enough!

Naughty Student Makes Teacher Eat Her Shit! – Part 2

After he’s done eating her shit, she sits on his soup bowl and pees on it, then she spoonfeeds the disgusting dish to teacher, who eagerly lapped it up.

Eat Allllll My Scat!

This slave is treated to a over-feed of scat by his mistress. She simply has too much shit for him to eat. Her scat is a great mix of solid and liquid giving both textures in 1 serving. In order to get her slave to consume enough of her scat she uses tongues to pick up pieces of her shit to feed him one by one! So cute and yet so dirty, this mistress is a god send for anybody serious about scatology!