Anal Eating Shitt

Prisoner Of Goddess Is Fed With Shit!

My toilets slave is bound as a Prisoner and then fed and punished with my shit! I had to shit urgently. Since the toilet failed last time and did not swallow everything, he must be punished now. His lesson: This time he is bondage to a chair. Then I’ll shit a big portion of shit in his wife’s plate! With cutlery I put the shit in his mouth! In between he swallow my piss. In the end everything was eaten. Also the dirty shit toilet paper, which I clean my asshole.

Toilet And Bidet Service

I put a funnel in my slave’s mouth and I pee (a lot)… He must drink it all, when I finish he must clean my wet pussy with his tongue!

She Is Peeing On Him

She is peeing on him (JJ000022)

Pee In The Shower

my strengths pee in the shower, I play with it! my feet are all wet!