Anal Fail Shit

Toilet Slave Swallow 2 Mistress Shit

My toilet slave is very capable of eating more shit! Well, I decided to bring my friend to use him too 🙂 How it’s cruel, I know. Let’s see if he can swallow all shit mine and her! And he has to drink our pee too … But this is only the beginning, I am planning to use him all week and more until he can’t eat any more shit. He is a shit pig and this is his fate. Day after day he drinking piss and eat shit. I know that you want to be in his place because you are the same toilet pig. We can feed you too, if you want it…

Loud Farts And Shit In The Wood

Walking through the nature, it can happen that a person has a powerful and uncontrollable urge to defecate. It happened to my friend Melissa. We were looking for honey fungus in the fields, when I seemed to hear the trumpets of the Last Judgement… no, it was just her farting and shitting at full throttle!

Ms D’s Labor Day Turd Dropoff!!

Ms D Returns with some super HOT clips from labor day weekend. She takes some nake pre-shower P00ps in this one! All the azz and LOGS you can handle. Listen to her long pissing in these clips as well! Def one of my favorite videos to date!! Almost 25 minutes of nasty, raw, funky action!! A lot of great Loud farts and see her Nasty Logs as she drops a load right in your face! One of her nastier clips yet!! Def a must have for you fans of this lovely amazon as she is stepping her game up!!