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Amazing Scat Threesome. Part 3

AstraCelestial team proudly presents. Introducing Lilith and Bonny in extreme scat BDSM actionIn this video you will see tonns of scat comming from the asses.. We have counter around 10 defecation acts. We used everything we had, enemas, tongues, grapes, fingers, hairs.. everything.. Shitting on hairs? Easy! Crazy anal play? Why not!When our insane trio are having sex – shit is flying to all directions. There is all kind of pervert scat activity in this video, Three of us enjoy having time together creating mess and filthy impressions all over around.Everything has to suffer with covering by shit – walls, sofa, floors, us. So watch yourself what happened with us this time.

Mistress Anita Continue To Feed Her Slaves

Today Mistress Anita continue her scat shows ! She call one of her permanent toilets and announce himm that she is full of shit. She enjoy a little bit humiliation before the toilet become hungry ! She fill his dirty mouth with her shit and piss and order him to chew and swallow. She allowed her toilet to cumming with her shit in his mouth,

Girls Shitwall Part 1 Feet

That is the most Humilliating yet !!! Girls sitting on a Wall that retains the Slave. He has to stay there until all the Girls are done cleaning their Feet with his Tounge then Shit into his Mouth and feeding him with their Feet. The Girls don’t take much Notice of him under them, except the one that is using him at that Moment. Maybe one of the nicest Movies we made. For you to decide !English Subtitles

You Like Me? Drink My Piss! – Part 2

Non HD – I spit more on the pitcher and made him drink more pee. He willingly took a glass and downed my yellowish piss. I say this fella has proven himself worthy!