Anal Fucked Fart

Your Mouth Always Be My Toilet, Loser!

I hurry to go home after work and I need to poop. I take off my panties and and sit down on the toilet edge. Open Mouth and don’t move. Oooh, it feels so good! I’ve been patient for so long while running to my house. Maybe I ate something superfluous today at my lunch time. Oh look at his face. It’s so dirty and stinks. You are so disgusting. Now, loser, eat my shit! You liked watching me shit, didn’t you? I thought so… I’ll see you tomorrow ….

Queen Bee’s Bootyful Scenery!

Enjoy two hot new clips from Queen Bee!! Queen Bee probably has my favorite body of all my newest Funky Ladies. I could stare at her naked body for hours!!! Enjoy as she puts the camera right behind her ass on the seat as she releases a huge load in the bowl in the first scene. Then in the second clip, enjoy a nice period dump. No red elixir of life shown but she does play with her tampon at the end. Enjoy as she changes panties and cleans up afterwards as well. Another Great load from Queen Bee’s sexy ass!!

Aria’s Watch My Back!!

Aria gives you plenty of incentive to watch her back in these clips Enjoy as she turns the other cheek to get some sweet potty relief in these four clips. She begins with a great reverse kanga peeing clip, followed by Three great log drop offs. Great rearview angles as you can both hear and see the logs push out that sexy booty of hers!!!