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New Job At The Office!

New job – new perspectives! Finally something went good in your life! Hundrets of applications, hundrets of disappointments but the day has come: Your new job, road to a new, better life begins!You start with all the motivation in the world and the new Boss – smoking hot as you have heard – already wants to meet you……. in the bathroom… a little strange but what does it matter? She obviously has some big tasks for you in mind… Hahahahaha!(CENSORED ELEMENTS ONLY IN TRAILER!)


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Ladys Ts Burger

A party for the slave, because I prepares in his royal TS Burger before his eyes, then he has to lick only my Poloch deeply with the tongue cleanly from and to eat the rests, then he gets my fresh piss to drink, then the preparation of the Burger with all what belongs to it. Afterwards he has to eat the brewer completely. A good shit essender slave will eat everything on.

Beautiful College Girl Denver Shitting In The Bathroom

Beautiful college girl Denver shitting in the bathroom