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2 Mistresses Fill A Slave With Shit And Piss! Part 2

Here you can see the second part of the full movie: Here I have together with my girlfriend Lady Luciana, another toilet slave, filled with shit and piss. In the second Part I squatted with my hot ass over the slave mouth and shit and pissed the slave full. Since he did not catch my shit properly, with his slave mouth, we fed him with our shit. Suddenly he started to choke and puke. As punishment that he puked our divine shit out, we squeezed his head, with our high heels, in the shit!

Takahashi Miki First Scene

This is bikini model Takahashi Miki’s first poop attempt in front of a camera. She releases a tall piss fountain and pushes out a dissolved suppository from her gaping anus and a small piece of poo comes out later. She enjoys displaying her glorious body. Bonus shower scene at the end. Multi-angle views.

Outdoor Pee And Whipping

Every now and then a slave is allowed to join me on a walk. Of course, the loser is naked and wearing chains. While he crawls adequately alongside me, his moans are boring me. So I piss into his mouth and let him swallow all, but last remains he must keep in his mouth, when he is tied to a tree and gets to feel my whip. As beautiful as every single strike looming on his body, he will remember this for a long time *smile*.

Mega Turd From Belgium…

This sweet Girl is doing a sensational turd in her small appartment in Antwerp….