Anal Right After Ttaking Shit

Who The Next Toilet?

I made this video to be about the action of turds stretching and popping out and snaking out of my sweety asshole. Watch me poo and imagine how you’ll eat my huge smelly turd. Are you ready for this, my toilet?. This video is about the motion of shit out of my asshole. I hope you justify your appointment. You are my next TOILET. Eat my shit and shew carefully!

The Mistress Martitna Took The Feces To The Slaves After The Movement

Martina runs on the treadmill for a long time and lets the slaves clean up their shoes and socks. Urinate and shit to the slave, and then clean the goddess’s anus.

Pissing On Her Big Tits And Her Belly

Pissing on her Big tits and her Belly

Pee Out Of A Bowl

Today my slavepig must drink the whole pee of the mistress. If he wants or not. I collect extra much pee for him, so he has a lot to drink. I pee the whole batch in a big bowl next to the jerk. After that he is allowed to drink the dregs of it. In order that nothing of this delicious and precious juice is left, the motherfucker need to lick out the whole bowl.