Anal Sex Fart

Tease And Scat

I wear a corsage that emphasizes my perfect, big breasts and my slim waist. In addition a latex leggings that plays around my beautiful butt. I run my fingers over the latex – I love it! My slave is going crazy but I’m not ready yet. Instead I spit in his mouth. Then I sit down with my shiny latex ass directly on his face. I do not care if he can’t breathe! I torture him further and refuse to poop. His cock is standing and dripping with lust, because he wants to swallow the delicious chocolate of his queen.Then it’s time. I push the chocolate directly into his mouth. He chews as fast as he can because he knows how much I hate him if he does not swallow fast enough. He still gets punched!Then I use it as toilet paper, while I look directly into the camera with my beautiful face.

Mistress Roberta – Pee And Teasing Farts For My Toilet Slave

This morning i pee tough my body and i pee alot i am soaking my legs in pee and i give them to you to lick them clean of the pee meanwhile i start to fart and fart by fart i create the perfect enviroment for my toilet slave but that is just teaseing your nose to make it want more and more the daily shit but today you will not get it so enjoy the teasing farts.

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea In See True Panties-pov

Today i take the potty chair and pee tough the see true panties sit on the edge on the chair and start to poop inside the panties and you start to see how the diarrhea is starting to go out tough panties and after i remove them you will lick clean my ass cheeks and ass hole and after that you hve to suck clean the panties from the rest of the shit and the juice from the pussy

Job Nr 5 Dirrahea Or Not

Yes, this was what. 5. and the last serving of shit had missed sometimes substantially. then it became an unplanned failure.Now I dare once more to the 5th serving.Armed with a tin I come along in Arbeit:-) and—what will it become fine???Tin completely?Failure?A Minikackwurst?Answer in addition the video will give you :-)nänänä