Anal Shit Poo

Hidemi’s Golden Butter!

Young Hidemi knew she shouldn’t have eaten all those peanuts from the night before. The crunchy peanuts turned her belly into goop, and now she had to let me enjoy the golden buttery goodness. I’m a human toilet, always ready to eat these ladies’ sappy turds, especially the ones who have bellies so heavy they couldn’t wait to unload their turds into my throat. My tongue tasted her tiny farts, which tasted heavy with peanuts and old vegetables, and I couldn’t wait as she pushed out the round tip of the turd. It had the consistency of butter, but was solid as can be, just smooth as it slid out of her brown, puckered hole. I could mash this type of shit all day, because it was what shit was meant to be: sticky, fetid, with a smell that would last for hours if I didn’t swallow. Delicious!

By Degeneration Queen Anus And Drink Urine

Slave worship degeneration queen, queen like being modified dry the anus. Like to drink degeneration the queen’s urine

Shit In Panty Then Suck It

i begin sitting on my bench talking to you ; then i feel like i need to take a shitit starts to ease its way through turds begin to pile upuntill i cant shit through my panty so i move my panty to the sideand they fall out, then a THICK long fat TURDstarts to slid its way through my asshole as the SMELL intensifiesthe smell is STRONG and makes me want to taste itso i show you the thick fat turd teasing you Then i put it in my mouthMMMM….shit it tastes so FUCKING GOOD!i suck it and you watch as it slides out my mouth slowly on tothe floor. This is such a smelly and tasteful video youll love !