Anal Shitting Surprise

Hershey Rae’s It’s Winking At You!!

Ever since I first laid eyes on that Ass and that tattoo I have dreamed of the days I would get to see what Hershey Rae has been sending me!! Enjoy as Hershey is back with two reverse Kanga Clips. Enjoy as she sits down and unleashes some super gassy farts Before squatting above the bowl to drop a log. In the second enjoy as she releases one long turd as wellÂ…Two great clips of (PLENTY) of Ass, gas and Splash!!

Mistress Breaks In Her Two New Slaves! – Part 2

She rams her fingers down her throat and throws up on their faces, covering them in sticky and slimy goo. She sits on their faces once again and this time, she shits all over them. She rubs the feces all over their skin and even makes them eat chunks of it.

Quick Shit And Enema Backstage Cam

This is the backstage version of the clip:Quick shit and enema. The same clip from a different cam angle.Princess Nikki shits in slaves mouth while Anna-Maria is watching her. Then Princess Nikki put some water in her asshole and push the water with some more picess of shit in slaves mouth.

Scatology Bisexual Girlfriends Making Sweet Love!

Here is what happens when you have two lesbians who are genuine scatophilias. They still make love and they still please each other. But they do it all with a difference! There is tender kisses, coupled with piss drinking and shitting. Except when they piss or shit, they share their love by sharing their liquids and solids with deep kissing in true scatology love making! ***Special Discount***