Anal Squirt Pee

Verona’s Pee!

Verona’s standing on the sink to wash her hands. Immediately she notices, how urgent she has to pee. Therefore she undresses quickly, places herself above the toilet bowl and gegins to piss. While she’s pissing, she’s giving herself some nice handjobs.. she’s obsessed with it!

The Mistress And The Green Potty

Even a mistress can have urgent physiological needs. When Poop calls? it is necessary to run to the bathroom or shit where you can! For this kind of emergencies I took a potty green that I’ll keep always under the bed for when I’ll have shit needs. Here you will see me pouring a generous amount of brown creamy just in the potty. Would you like to taste it with your fucking tongue?

Outdoor Public Peeing On A Rest Area!

On the way to my GB in Bremen, I had to pee scary. So I stopped at a rest area on the A1 and I am with my super short mini skirt, in stockings with no panties, running about at the rest stop. Here my skirt ruschte also high, so that you could see my pussy and my bare ass. I then Public Pissed at the rest stop, easily visible from the passing cars and the truck drivers! One of the truck drivers has honked because has given him pleasure he could see!

Mistress Gaia – Worship My Feet And My Shit

Are beautiful these feet? What would you do to only touch them, smell … or lick them … You’d do anything for your Mistress, right? Look at what I’ve prepared for you ?